Slick Serpents

Slick Serpants and Bad Apples
 The Christian Women’s Guide on why they must avoid romantic relationships with unsaved men, and what they should look for in a man

If there’s one thing a modern woman loves, it’s a bald white man telling her who she should and shouldn’t date.

You can click the image up top to see the project page and read his long description, including a summary of every chapter of the book, but I think this is a nice summarizing thought :
 I am confident that the message of this book will do wonders to encourage single Christian women to make better decisions for their lives regarding relationships and marriage. It will also help expose Satan’s plan for Christian women, as well as for the family. With your help, we can make this book happen, and this time, in a way that will be more acceptable to women. Please pledge whatever you can to help make this book a reality.

Still, I wonder what’s got this guy so hot and bothered about how women choose their lovers? Perhaps his Facebook account will reveal a clue!


Well, that’s what I expected, but it doesn’t really indicate anything. Let’s take a look at his Twitter. Huh. There’s some racism here, both subtle and overt, but I think this is probably a good clue :

If that’s the reaction he’s getting from ladies, it’s no wonder he’s not getting his serpent slick.

  • Windego

    But look at that sexy profile pic and his other hot pic of him in a white t-shirt with shades. Does this 42 year old look like a desperate man who is some kind of creep and should be labeled as such? Well I dunno. Better question is where do you get the idea to make some fake christian book telling women how to date out of all of this? In fact, what exactly was his ultimate goal in all this? I mean….make book, sell to ladies then…profit I guess? As a gay guy, I don’t know a thing about dating women so I guess I’ll never understand =/ Or maybe the guy should stop being such a controlling sounding weirdo and try online dating. I’m gonna go with the latter.

    • KickFailure

      I think the logic is “Ladies won’t date me. The problem can’t be that I’m undesirable, therefore it must be that ladies are confused by Satan and don’t know how to properly choose a lover.”

      • Windego

        I think you’re exactly right. This is kinda like the plot in a TV show where one character is so unaware of why they put who they’re trying to attract off, they come up with some hare brained scheme to get people to notice them. And of course, it backfires.

  • Acg

    Although he seems utterly blind to his other flaws (being a racist, being a sexist, being…creepy) he does seem to have identified that women seem to prefer unshaven men, and yet somehow his solution to this problem is to try and raise over 5 grand to Kickstart a book advising woman against that and not say, just growing a beard.

    • Acg

      And 3 days later I finally realise that say “unsaved” not “unshaved”.

      • KickFailure


      • TheNate

        That’s what happens when you don’t use Occam’s Razor.

  • neuroglitch

    I’m reading this description as, “The women I’m attracted to keep marrying other men instead of me, so I wrote a book to tell them all how wrong they are. Surely this will make them see the error of their ways. P.S. Did you notice how magnanimous it is of me to stop calling women ‘stoopid’ even though they obviously are?”