Stir the Pot

 The Pot Shot is a device you will use to stir your soups so it does not burn.

Since the advent of sliced bread and electric toasters, I’d have to say that toast is the single easiest-to-make hot food item.

Surely though, soup is in the top three.

However, for some people, like Sean from Fairfax, it still presents some difficulties.

Sean from Fairfax,VA --   I am a young professional who has always been into building and inventing and is very through in his devices.

He’s given us only three written sentences describing his wonderful invention, but I think they tell the story pretty well.

  The Pot Shot is a device you will truly feel a reward in owning.  It was created by a young professional who developed it and is improving it along the way.  It will stir your puddings and is very rugged.

“Will truly feel a reward”? Really? Who writes like that? This guy must work in fortune cookie factory.

For more on how this device works, let’s turn to this incredibly awkward pitch video.

Yikes, painful. But here’s something that could have been even more painful.

 $5 reward  0 backers  You will find a true reward in owning this device when it comes out.
This is the only reward level offered by this project. Do they really mean to imply that they would send me a pot-blender for only $5 including shipping? I don’t think that’s what they thought they were saying, but you could certainly read it that way.

If they had succeed, they would have had over ten-thousand people who thought they were owed a free pot-stirrer. There’s no possible way they could have manufactured and shipped all those without going massively in debt.

They really dodged a bullet by failing so badly.

  • KickFailure

    What’s the maximum age that you can call yourself a “Young professional” and not have people laugh at you?

    • TheNate

      The answer is blowing in the wind …

  • TheNate

    Why do I get the feeling they made 20 takes of that video – and that was the best one?

  • Jamoche

    $5 excluding shipping; Kickstarter has changed the shipping rules – it’s now applied separately, because foreign backers were getting double-charged *and* having to pay taxes on the whole amount where they ought to only have to pay for the non-shipping parts. So who knows, it could be like those late-night ads where you just know the huge shipping fee makes up for it being underpriced.

    Nah, they aren’t that smart.

    • KickFailure

      Hmmm. But when they specify shipping separately doesn’t it appear in tiny letters under the pledge?
      Or is it a hidden charge?

      • Jamoche

        When you select a pledge level and start the payment process, it gets added on based on your location before you confirm it. The project owners can customize it however they like.

  • KickFailure

    Hmm…. Apparently I screwed up scheduling these blog posts. (Clicking on a calendar is HARD.)

    Today’s post will go up tomorrow, then we’ll resume the regular Tuesday/Thursday schedule next week.

  • Bob101910

    Is that not a prototype already in the video?

    • KickFailure

      Good question.

    • MrEricSir

      Late to the game here, but from the video it kinda looks like he’s turning a knob on top of the device the entire time it’s stirring.

      • KickFailure

        Oh wow, you’re right. How did I not notice that?