Fake cardboard box.


Is your child too stupid to make a fort out of a cardboard box? Buy him or her this $50 kit!

We've found that so many of the latest toys come with a set of instructions or one "right way to play," limiting creativity and innovation. Defining your own play is a scary and unfamiliar activity, and it's even more daunting on a large scale -- unless it's in the form of a fort. But forts use up all of the furniture, consume the entire living room, and stay there for weeks.

Am I the only one who sees the contradiction here? Oh no! There are too many single-play-style toys on the market?

What’s the solution?

Take an activity that kids have been doing on their own since time immemorial, and give them a pre-manufactured kit designed specifically for that and nothing else!!

Your kid can even draw on it! … in the small specially designated drawing square, specifically designed by adults to be drawn on by children.


I guess a real cardboard box might have some dirt on it or something. Can’t take that risk.

  • Acg

    Wait…the panels are still made of cardboard? I could actually get on board with this if they were made of something more durable that could be say, cleaned or left outside without being damaged by moisture, but if they’re card then all you’ve done is taken something that is usually free and put a price tag on it.

    The connectors are a neat idea though, I could see those being pretty successful if they bought the price for them down.

    • Ingro

      “While this certainly depends on each kid’s playing style, each kit comes
      with twice as many panels as kids have played with on average during
      our user testing–even with 7 kids playing at once! This way you already
      have an extra supply of cardboard. While the body of the cardboard
      remains sturdy, the edges do wear out from the connectors and you must
      be more mindful about their placement.”

      Sounds like cardboard to me.

      I agree this would actually be a good thing if it was something more durable, cleanable, and weatherproof.

    • djnforce9

      If only the panels were strong enough to hold the child. Then multi-level forts could be created (which can’t be done nearly as easily with JUST a cardboard box or two).

      • TheNate

        And the company would get sued with the levels collapsed, because no matter how strong the panels were people wouldn’t assemble them right.

    • http://www.mrericsir.com/ MrEricSir

      There is a product like that: Omagles. They even have wheels so you can build a wagon.

      Had a lot of fun with those when I was a kid, but you don’t see them as much these days.