Sore Losers : Confederates

In 1954 the supreme court ruled that black people must be allowed to attend “white” schools. When this happened, many southern states pulled their long-forgotten rebel battle flags out of museums, and started flying them over government buildings to protest the ruling. (and other similar rulings.)

Sixty years later, public opinion is turning against those flags, and many of them are coming down.

Some people are pretty salty about that. Crazy people.

Hand-Crafted Confederate Flags Made In The USA

Hand-crafted flags, huh?


Wait? Kickstarter backers? This is IndieGoGo! Apparently they used to be on Kickstarter until Kickstarter decided to pull the plug on confederate flag projects. They’re so committed and professional that they completely forgot to proof-read their marketing copy before launching their IndieGoGo project. (They also neglected to film a pitch video, even though anyone who does their research knows that projects rarely succeed without one.)

They’re optimistic though!
We are also proposing a stretch goal of $1,000,000 which would be used to open the Confederate Flag Company flagship store right here in the heart of Dixie - Nashville, Tennessee. There are very high costs associated with opening a storefront, but doing so would allow us to expand our product line to include clothing, lunchboxes, and more.
A million bucks? To open a flag store that only sells Confederate flags?

(Incidentally, despite being in the “heart of Dixie”, Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy, and the first state to rejoin the USA! Eastern Tennessee was strongly pro-USA throughout the entire war, despite being on the other side!)

This old man (I assume) who actually calls himself “Black Knight of the Confederacy” (no really!) is going to reach out to “the youth”, by creating a podcast about how awesome the Confederacy and its flag is!
I wonder if we should tell him that podcasts are mostly listened to by non-youth with long commutes.

How’s the opposition doing?

Bail for Bree -  Support Bree Newsome, brave activist in jail for taking down South Carolina's Confederate flag.
Edit:By the time this article published, this project was over a $100k!

  • TheNate

    “While opportunists are using a tragedy to censor speech,” these opportunists are trying to make a quick buck!