• Acg

    Call it a nitpick if you will, but if I was Kickstarting a product with the express aim of helping the environment I’d make sure none of my promotional images had disposable pizza boxes or plastic coke bottles in the background.

    Also, in the less than 24 hours since this was posted, the project has been cancelled.

    • http://www.mrericsir.com/ MrEricSir

      Looks like they’re putting it up for sale on Amazon instead?

      • KickFailure

        What? It’s already on sale on Amazon?

        So this isn’t a “project” as much as it is a “product I’m already selling”?


        • neeneko

          Which makes me wonder, was it ready to go and the page got pulled because of that, or are they no where near production and hoping Amazon orders will be large enough to get them a run?

          Or are they just scamming people?

    • KickFailure

      Yeah only kids have to be eco-friendly. Parents may still drink Coke from single-serve bottles.
      I suppose they would say “those can be recycled”, which is true, but only goes so far. Plastic recycling is a pretty lossy process.

    • JoDa

      You stole the thought right out of my brain. I adore me some Diet Coke, but in my house, it comes in large containers. Even then, I know where most plastic bottles go for “recycling” (you really don’t want to know), so even the 2L are a hot mess for the planet. One of these days I’ll be rich enough to have a soda fountain in my house…

      • I’ll just be blunt here

        I know this sounds terrible and hilarious, but I buy the 12pk cans, and when I’m done I toss the empty cans into my front yard, and in the morning all the homeless people carry them off. I use the boxes for my cats, and then recycle them.

        the best thing to waste is metal and paper, since they both degrade and can be recycled.

  • neeneko

    Sitting down and watching their video… while they are a bit over the top, the product idea itself does not sound like a bad idea. It is all stuff that you can buy individual pieces and use them together already, but as an integrated/package solution it is not a bad idea.

    • KickFailure

      Oh I agree. It looks perfectly nice and functional.

      The funny part is that they’re presenting it as this amazing new invention that will save the planet.