Rage Quit!

Anti Dragon / Witch / Zombie stones hand-crafted by Albert Gimbleweed.

Stripped of their backstory and magical properties, these are polished rocks in a rustic, but nicely made, display case.

Charming, but they don’t really need upfront cash to be produced, and they’re from (so far as I can tell) an unknown artist, so it’s not hard to see why this didn’t attract too many takers. The truth is, unknown artists peddling polished rocks as whimsical talismans are not hard to find. Go to any flea market and you’re sure to find a couple.

It probably didn’t help that the lowest reward tier that actually offered a stone was a rather steep £55 (about $85).

So what?

Still, whimsical folk-art is still art, and there’s certainly no shame in trying! So why am I laughing so hard?

Here’s the project as it appears today :

Que? Where's the crowd?

There isn’t much I find funnier than a rage-quit!

When Kickstarter didn’t turn out to be a magical money machine, Craig Palmer decided that Kickstarter must instead be a gigantic scam, and defaced his own project page to get the word out! (Apparently the thought that people might simply not want his rocks was too terrible to contemplate.)


To be honest, I don’t quite follow this. I’m pretty sure that if it was more coherent it would be a scathing indictment of Kickstarter and all that it stands for.

The risks and challenges that I may face could only really be the possibility that Kickstarter doesn't really work. Then it should be called Non-Starter.
Well this is clearer anyway.

Sorry dude. If you thought Kickstarter’s job was to magically make people want your product, or to magically conjure money out of people without first getting them interested, then, yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t do that.

This article kindly suggested by reader Lee Ann Rucker

  • Acg

    It’s hard to figure much out with the page gone now but this is a confusing one. As you say the stones are (presumably, with no picture any more) a neat enough trinket but they’re a £5 – £10 at a push, it’s in a nice box – craft fair kind of thing, not a Kickstarter project with the lowest amount that’ll get you one being £55. However more confusing than that is the…merchandise? This comes with stickers and t-shirts, why? The stones themselves already seems like merch for a book which doesn’t exist.

    My best guess was that the book (be it a novel, webcomic comic, or some kind of fantasy almanac) actually did exist somewhere on the web and this was someone wrongly assuming their fiction hobby had the following needed to Kickstart a merchandising empire but…nope.

    I looked into Craig Palmer and Albert Grimbleweed, but the most I found for either was a link back to the remains of this project.

    • Jamoche

      There’s a facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/gimbleweedstones – but it also only talks about the rocks.

      • Acg

        Ah, I was misspelling the name which won’t have helped, that Facebook page also links to a website which… http://gimbleweed.com yeah same problem again, it’s just about the stones, the fictional creator behind them, Albert Gimbleweed apparently “needs no introduction” …I’m not so sure about that.

  • TheNate

    “How safe are you from those things that most don’t dare to talk about?

    Dragons, Witches, Zombies and Vampires are among many other Dark Entities that could infect your life at any time – it’s time to protect yourself.

    These unique stones made by Albert Gimbleweed are the only safe way to protect yourselves.”

    Well, I don’t see any of those … is my driveway paved with Gimbleweed stones?