Sexy, Sexy Suitcase

Sexy Suitcase

Sexy suitcase? It … doesn’t look sexy. It just looks old fashioned. Is a naked lady going to jump out of it?

 When you open the Sexy Suitcase, you'll be able to store all of your important documents and bust out some tunes at any given time!
Documents? In a suitcase? I think you’re thinking of a “briefcase”.

I know it sounds like a nitpick, but if you bring an actual suitcase to a business meeting, you will be laughed at. And not in a good way, in a lets-fire-this-person kind of way.

  Imagine working all day in the same boring, dead end job, day in, day out.  Thanks to the Sexy Suitcase, those days are over! Imagine heading off to your next business meeting with all of your important documents and a sweet sound system all in one!   You can take it anywhere and look like a professional raver ;)

None of that makes sense! If, for some reason, you needed to blast tunes at a business meeting, you’d just plug your laptop or iPad into the conference room’s sound system. (The one they use for presentations and video conferences.) If you unfold a suitcase sound system like you’re at some sort of raver tail-gating party you will not have a good meeting.


They’re not offering the suitcases as rewards mind you. They need $2000 to make just one suitcase. And if you pledge the entire $2000 yourself, they’ll mention your name on a YouTube video. Hooray.