Cat Tunes

Music for cats

You’re kidding me, he doesn’t really mean that?

I am an electronic music maker who has been able to put cats into a trance whilst they listen to my music.  I hope to create an album just for cats.

He does mean it. He’s making music for cats. He claims to have worked out mathmatically exactly what sort of music cats like.

(This project has no video, and no sample music, so I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it.)

Ten bucks for one song? Wow. Cat Music is expensive! Who knew?

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  • TheNate

    So it’s like an expensive version of this?

  • MrEricSir

    Hardly an original concept, Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key already released his own Music for Cats album back in 1998.

    • Jamoche

      Or there’s this obviously-named website:

      I played the samples. My cat was not impressed.

  • JoDa

    I thought that the way to put a cat into a trance was to stare at it…or give it a lot of catnip…