Guy’s do “Lunch”

Maybe it’s just me, but when someone is pitching a new dot-com business, I expect a certain level of, let’s call it “internet savvy”. What I do not expect is someone who calls Kickstarter “Kick starter dot com” in the tone of voice you might use when you’re describing some new idea you want your three year old to think about.

I also expect enough technological competence to make sure the camera is level before you start recording. (And maybe turn on a light or something?)

And finally, while I admit I don’t know the first thing about the dating scene for affluent gay men, I would very much not expect the fact that a man has been in a “rock solid” relationship for 18 years to be used to support the idea that he needs a dating service.

But all my expectations were shattered by this cringe-worthy video!

  • Jessica

    I haven’t even viewed the video (I’m at work), but his Kickstarter page is also incoherent. It appears to be some sort of dating service (maybe for gays?) for “busy-professionals”? And memberships start at $1K per year, which seems pretty damn high to me.

    • KickFailure

      For some dating sites the high price is actually what makes them attractive to their customers.

      Rich people don’t like to date poor people.

  • Jamoche

    “CNN has featured stories recently about all the “dating” alternatives.”

    Yes, they have. The content of those stories seems to have escaped his attention, though.

  • JoDa

    Dismissing the poor lighting, angle (for serious, dude, everyone looks better if the camera is slightly *above* eye level), and camera alignment…um…does he not know where *his own* camera is? I don’t think he ever once looked right at the camera.