The Greatest!


Scott Reimann has created “hands down the greatest marijuana live wallpaper on the Android market“. Truely, a remarkable achievement. Many have tried, but only Scott Reimann has achieved true artistic immortality by creating “the greatest” marijuana live wallpaper ever made.

Let’s see some screenshots!


I think it’s an animation of a pipe lighting itself, and then smoking? It’s a little hard to make out, but that’s probably because of the greatness! A lot of great artists are difficult to get a quick read on. You ever see a Picasso?

Let’s see what kind of reviews this app gets!

You can tell this is the “Greatest” wallpaper because it’s so popular among people who were paid to review it.


Oh, come on, Chris! The man is paying you to leave a good review and the best you can manage is three stars?

I guess some people just don’t recognize greatness.

  • Ognimod

    Why do I have the feeling the reviews were all written by himself under different names?

  • neeneko

    Though to the person’s credit, this has to be the most reasonable funding goal I have seen for such a project. The number might actually be a little TOO low if the person is intending to hire a professional.

  • Dist

    Best part is that the User Bio says that ” I know I’ve created a million dollar app ”

    … Suuuuuure.