Boardgame Round-up

I’ve been looking at board, card, and tabletop games on Kickstarter lately. There are some great ones that I’m looking forward to, but there’s also … well, here are the ones that caught my eye. Make your own judgements.

Alpha Blue

Alpha Blue --  Venger Satanis presents an O5R, weird, gonzo, science-fantasy adventure about a brothel in space. Come relax at Alpha Blue.
Uh, yeah. … Look, I don’t want to sound like a prude, but, I am the customer and all, so I was wondering if maybe we could just have, you know, regular sex? Like, without the spear or the slimeworms?

Small Biz vs Big Government

 For small business owners, surviving the fundamental transformation of America is no game...until now.
This Monopoly rip-off makes no secret about being “Anti-Progressive” propaganda, but I can’t help but feel that the all too familiar caricature on their 500 dollar bill hints at another agenda they’re not willing to admit.
Monopoly Money with old-fashioned caricature .

Pharoahs Game

 I created board game right now called Pharaohs game, short but super fun game. Its a adaption of Pharaohs 9 a video game.
I’ve never heard of “Pharaohs 9”, and neither has Google, so I guess we’ve got to just read the description?
  I am a college student and I love board games. So i made my own, I beta texted the game and fans love it. the plane is to make about 50 beta text versions to I can give them to game stores / sell them to we can make a official copy. None of the table top gaming companies are taking walk in ideas.That's where you guys come in and lend a hand. I love you guys, and if your from ( 9gag )i really love you.
Oh, I see. The description tells us nothing at all. Still, it does make me wonder what he’s studying in college!
  God is my leader in my life. I am going to school to be a paster. I am 21, will be married in July 2014 ! Traveled to Japan, Korea, Mexico, and Canada. Want to live in England or Ireland of day. I love camping and nature hikes. I work at a car dealership at the moment. Being behind the desk is not for me.
I pity any parish desperate enough to hire this man.
(Thanks to @cobyhectic for the tip.)

  • TheNate

    Small Biz reminds me of this polemic failure of a game:

  • Petunia

    Of all the many WTFeries going on in that first image, somehow the thing that bugs me most is her enormous weirdly shaped shoes, with a heel that somehow seems to jut out from the ankle.

    • KickFailure

      Maybe if you’re a cybernetic space hooker, you get your high heels surgically implanted in your feet. It probably counts as a business expense on her taxes.

      Personally, I’m more worried about that bed. it seems to be gelatin? The worms and/or tentacles are bad enough, but I worry that the bed is a Gelatinous Cube monster.

      • neeneko

        Well, that would be one way to make sure clients keep to within their allotted time. Take too long, get digested.

  • Acg

    The “Small Business” game wants….37k? For someone apparently repelled by the idea of “entitlement” you’d think he’d have more of a breakdown of where that money is actually going so his backers (who need to pony up $100 before they can have a copy of the game) can be sure he is “earning” that money.
    As is, the best I can see there is that he’s already bought the plastic components so he’s just got to fund the printing, and the initial run is going to be 3 thousand copies which…yeah you might want to rein that in a bit.