Video Game Roundup

Last week we looked at crazy board games. This week, let’s see if the gaming in the digital realm can do any better.

X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter 2015

Wow, a new game in LucasArt’s X-Wing franchise? That’s amazing! Why didn’t more people back it?

In case Disney won't allow the licensing for the game demo the project will be completed and distributed anyway for free on the internet!
Oh, because the project isn’t by LucasArts/Disney, it’s by some random dude who wants to “creating an online community of Star Wars fans” to do all the work. (While he keeps the money, I guess?)
He seems to think that if the product is good enough, or if it raises enough money, it’ll just automatically “get the license” and become an official Star Wars game. That is really not how it works.

Imagine you were going to build a themepark, and if you built it “good enough” you’d get to call it “Disney World 2”. LIFE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY!

Insert Cool Name: Everyone’s Game

This really bumpy video taken in a car promises that he’s going to make “everyone’s game”. (He says he’s sorry about the video quality, but apparently he’s not sorry enough to shoot it again.) Apparently, he’s really good at making games, and he’s going to let everybody vote on what the features should be, while he personally makes a AAA quality game.
Well, we don’t get to vote on all the features. He’s chosen a couple already.
Basically, he’s already decided that the game will have two vague features that will push the cost into the millions, and also a gun that shoots cats instead of bullets. Sounds like a solid Kickstarter to me!

Incidentally, this guy didn’t give up. When this failed, he tried to get Kickstarters to pay for a “Documentary” about him making a AAA quality game, which would have to first include the cost of the game.

Update from a commenter :

Legends of Mesenia

With stunning artwork like that, I’m convinced!

  • Ognimod

    Love how half the rewards for X-Wing vs TIE Fighter promise nothing but the Force being with you (and only one is for it to be with you “always”, I guess no mystical forcefield wants to be caught dead controlling a cheapskate’s destiny for longer than a couple months).
    And a million and a half? Not even brony projects are deranged enough to ask for that. I suspect the original X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, let alone the original X-Wing from ’93, didn’t cost anywhere near that much…

    The triple A game guy’s documentary makes me think of the crappy version of Indie Game: The Movie.

  • Acg

    I don’t think any of the proposed features would cost much for err “Insert Cool Name” to include, but there is a big difference between having those features and doing them well. The only description the page gives about what the game might look like is “low poly” and low poly character creation isn’t going to be expensive, as for the map, making it big won’t cost money, having anything to actually fill all that space with will do that, which considering the whole “give me ideas for free” part of the proposal I’m guessing they don’t have.

    Say what you will about “Legends of Mesenia” (they really REALLY need to ditch the plan to do their own art) they do have some actual ideas, of their own, for things to go into the game!

  • JerryCotton

    As I read the “gun that shoots cats” part I heard a little voice of Jim Sterling in my head screaming: Is this memes?!

  • James Plinkus

    The guy from Insert Cool Name: Everyone’s Game is dead. He passed away in a fatal car crash in September. His name was Rocky Swartzfager. . Just because he’s dead doesn’t mean that his Kickstarters are miraculously good, but I just felt compelled to put this here.

  • name

    Forgive me for being oblivious, but Who is that guy on the dollar bills?

    • KickFailure

      In the board games post?

      To me it looks basically identical to how “evil Jew bankers” are always drawn in antisemitic political cartoons. That seems to fit with their “anti-progressive” message and the fact that the bills are labeled “new world order”.

  • TheNate

    OK – this used to be a great site, but now when I click on “Past KickFails” I get redirected to a page for Russian dating.

    Not cool.

    • KickFailure

      Sorry about that. Site got hacked and I didn’t immediately notice.

      Should be fixed now.