Dice of Failure


What is that even a picture of? What is a “bilingual” dice? Are the dots in two languages?!?

Promoting the preservation of culture, and languages world wide through a kickstarter funded hand-eye coordinating communication learning, and memory building game set for classrooms, and homes of people bound to encounter the multicultural scenario.   Karl Smiley: "So; it's like flash cards only one rolls the dice, and the answers are on the other side?"
Are you asking me? Are you asking me what your project is?

 P.S. Pardon, only have a persnickety tablet at my behest for this expression of my work. Compared to a conventional laptop it is fairly consumer oriented. Makes hacking out the details a rough totem pole of the quality prefered to have brought to you for representation;)    I have been singlehandedly moving residences, in the mean time~ cut & paste is not working from Tablet so I'll try and get to a libraries computer kiosk~
Are you joking? You want $160,000 of our money, but you’re already making excuses?

Why would you think that’s acceptable?

It’s not even like there’s a rush. He says later that he’s been trying to get this product to market since 2005. I guess in all that time he couldn’t manage to write a proper pitch, because he didn’t have a laptop!

What do we get

Ok, so even if I believed this person was competent (which I don’t) and even if I understood what this guy is trying to make (which I don’t), I’d still like to get a little reward for my money. So what’s he offering?


Nothing at all. (And you won’t even get that until December 2016!)

Thanks to reader “jrbkingston” for suggesting this project, and also the title of this post.

  • TheNate

    He came up with excuses to delay the project before he got a single cent. Bravo.

  • LeopardEnthusiast

    What is that picture supposed to be? Is it a bilingual die? It doesn’t look like any die I’ve ever seen.