Arthur redubbed

 Remember the show Arthur? Yeah me too, so I'm going to do the same thing I do with all things I hold dear, destroy it.

   Arthur Abridged is going to be a dubbed version of the children's show Arthur filled with adult themes and language. Each episode will run roughly five minutes with each episode in the actual TV series being abridged. The reason I am kickstarting this is because I need to buy a high quality microphone so I can provide quality voice acting and pay the people I need to voice act as well. I would do it all myself but, that would simply be boring. If you want to wreck your childhood treasures, fund me. I'll make it happen. Hard.
So basically, he’s going to dub over a children’s show with jokes about the characters fucking each other.


This will certainly fill a gap in the Internet’s repertoire of entertainment.

Risks and challenges  The only problem I can see is other voice actors beginning the project and not finishing it. Though problematic, the problem would be dealt with as neatly as possible so that it doesn't impact the series too much. For example, someone voicing D.W. would be replaced with a sound-alike if the other actor quit.

Really? That‘s the only thing you can see wrong with this idea?

This project kindly suggested by commenter “Domingo Hernández”

  • Ognimod

    I completely missed the “the only risk is if the actors can’t do it anymore after a while” thing the first time.

    Holy shit.

    • KickFailure

      Otherwise, it’s completely risk free!

  • seahen

    Since when does an Abridged Series need better voice talent than it can get for free?