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Contrary to popular belief, the USA has plenty of landfill space. The real problem with all this disposable stuff is the resources that are used to make it, and of course, the fuel used to ship the waste to the landfill.

And so, Cuppa Earth was born--We began to re-purpose used k-cups and the wet coffee grinds into decorative pots that serve SO MANY positive purposes:
Bah! So you’re going to take some thing, that would have been shipped in bulk to a landfil, and instead you’re going to individually package it, and individually ship it out to customers?!? That is so much worse for the environment!

The resources it takes to make the cups is still consumed, extra resources are consumed to individually package and ship them, and for what? Is the world facing a shortage of tiny, ineffective flowerpots?

No, they’re doing it to “keep them out of landfills”, which 1) Doesn’t need doing. and 2) They’re not actually acomplishing anyway, unless you keep your mini flowerpots for 100,000 years before throwing them away!

Why do I care?

Still, these cups are too convenient to give up
Now these alleged environmentalists can continue to use the worlds’ most wasteful coffee prep method and feel good about it, because they’ve made this counter-productive penance to mother earth.

Bah! Moronic.

They should hook up with the people who make the SkinJay Shower Machine!