Cardboard Boxes for Cats


If I wanted to choose a project to illustrate the negative stereotypes of a middle-class American. I think I would choose this one.

This is a cardboard box, specifically manufactured for cats to sit in.

You mean the cardboard boxes I got for free that my cat absolutely loves? I should get rid of those and spend $35 (plus shipping) to buy a new cardboard box?

I’d better do it. If people saw my cat sleeping in something that wasn’t manufactured in China specifically for cats to sleep in, people might think I was poor!!!!

This project kindly suggested by reader and commenter Lee Ann Rucker

  • Azuranski

    Plot twist: the cat prefers the box it came in.

  • Acg

    It’s “600%” stronger than regular cardboard and contains a corrugated scratcher. Ok that’s an interesting pairing; those corrugated scratchers are supposed to be disposable and cheap, but the rest of this product is aimed at being a more durable version of something normally disposable and cheap…there is no suggestion on that page as far as I can see that the scratcher is replaceable separately from the rest of the box, so once the scratcher is destroyed you’ll just have to buy the entire thing again.

  • Ognimod

    It’s the cat version of that prefabricated cardboard box fort building kit for kids.

    • KickFailure

      Ha! You’re right! People are ashamed of their cardboard boxes of all sizes, and replace them with designer cardboard boxes. (Shipped in normal cardboard boxes they throw out.)