Roto Phone Mount

 ROTO / New, intriguing, centre of steering wheel, vertical always, Universal, Solution to handling phone in car! Direct line of sight.

Thanks to Twitter user @DavidCattermole, for pointing out this allegedly “Intriguing” project.

The Roto phone holder was an idea that i have been working on for just over a year. its a platform you can put any small to medium sized appliance of information for the vehicle. I pulled apart and incorporated other phone holders and made it to stay vertical to form the Roto, as the residual patent only last's a year i need to do something with it, so i have created a business named IDEINS which means "To See"
“Appliance of information”? You mean a smart phone, right?
The “intriging” idea here is that because it’s mounted on the one part of your car that is constantly rotating, they’ve installed a swivel joint to keep it more-or-less vertical.

But why? Why would you want your phone vertical while you’re driving? Navigation apps work better horizontal. “Auto Mode” interfaces are almost universally horizontal. Even the mp3 player works fine horizontal. I have to assume this is for texting while driving.

Vertical Video Or maybe not. Maybe the designer just has a fetish for vertical phones. He actually filmed the project video in vertical format!
(Don’t do this. Even when you’re viewing them on a phone vertical videos are claustrophobic, like peaking through a keyhole, and on Kickstarter’s website they’re downright ugly and extremely unprofessional.)

Risks and challenges  The only thing i have come upon is the situation of the air-bag. i believe i have addressed this, with a clause on the packaging that states "Not suitable for airbags".

Basically, the only risk in this project is that it’ll drive your phone into your face at hundreds miles per hour, shattering your skull, and forcing your nose up into your brain.

Don’t worry, though. He’s got it covered. He’s going to put a warning label on the package.

  • Michael Kohne

    Considering that in the US at least, ALL cars have come with airbags for years, I doibt that warning will even slow down the court case against him if he ships this thing.

    • David Cattermole

      Will there be anyone to sue given that the creator plans to be a crash test dummy?

      “at the same time have a link to a Utube page that has a demonstration of what happens when the air-bag is deployed at the acquired speed with the holder in place, giving reassurance that due to the law of physics, the holder will not put any-one in danger”

      • seahen

        Being a dummy won’t be difficult for him.

  • Ognimod

    Nothing to add, other than my first idea for its possible… use? being talking on the phone while you drive.

  • Jamoche

    He’s got a comment up:

    ” I can honestly say that i really appreciate your support as with the knowledge and quality of what i have put together shows that i need all the support i can get. ”

    So close and yet so far…

  • JoDa

    Also appears to prevent properly turning.

    And I’ve just realized the next big batch of “while driving” legislation is going to be headphones. Really? Driving with headphones on? How does it get into your head to do that (and not immediately get out as “I suppose that’s really dumb, huh”)? The car has a radio, and most modern cars can play music from your phone collection. Plus, headphones are for when YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR THINGS AROUND YOU. There’s a reason why deaf people have special markings on their license, and require additional equipment in their car!

  • Dazzza

    “it’s mounted on the one part of your car that is constantly rotating” you mean is mounted on the wheels? Or the crankshaft?