Game Quest “Inventor”


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again : Never trust anyone who describes themselves as an “Inventor”.

Hello America - I’m Mark Ross, your local inventor, and I would like to welcome you to my Kickstater campaign for registering patents for Game Quest! What is Game Quest?

Real inventors describe themselves as “engineers”, “mechanics”, “chemists”, or “game designers”. Real inventors are proud of being experts in some field, and will tell you about it. People who just call themselves an “inventor” aren’t experts at anything, but they still want the cachet that goes with having a cool job description.

This video is a treat. Most of the video features him sitting at a desk with his new invention sealed in a cardboard box.

Spoilers : He never opens the box.

This is classic Kickstarter “Inventor” syndrome.

  • He’s doesn’t show us the invention (because he’s afraid we’ll steal it.)
  • He makes absurd claims then never backs them up, or even explains what they mean.
  • He thinks we’re all going to be hyped up by an invention he never shows us.
  • He describes a patent as an “achievement”.
  • All the rewards are just copies of the patent.

That last one is great. He honestly thinks we care about his patent? It’s just a boring government document. He might as well offer us a copy of his voter registration form. But that’s how Kickstarter “Inventors” think. They believe that a patent is a mystical document, and if they can only “achieve” one, they’ll be on easy street.

(Never mind that boardgames are typically not patented.)

Remember, this is not just a boardgame anymore, this is an interactive, interfacing game system. Interfacing your imagination into the board!

I really do recommend watching the video, it’s full of gems like this. Maybe it’ll get you excited about owning an autographed copy of his patent document.

  • vintermann

    His other project is hilarious too. Measuring spoons embedded into a ball, real practical!

  • Acg

    Visited the website on the video to see what his other inventions are and…it’s paper clips, decent looking paper clips to be fair but still not the background you want from someone trying to pitch you a mystery “revolutionary board game system” which, although he keeps everything close to his chest here, sounds like it’s just a modular “[x] games in one box!” set, so, not quite “Fabulous Beasts” (to do a “compare and contrast” of “revoltionary” boardgame Kickstarters.

    • Acg

      Thinking about it more this now seems like a bit of a shame, this is a guy who had a decent enough idea once (a paper-clip variation that acts as a hook) but rather than just sticking to that, or building on it in a logical way (selling other stationary items) he has decided he is an “inventor” and now has to come up with an array of revolutionary! new! amazing! products! but as you say “inventor” isn’t a job, and this is not how invention works.

      • KickFailure

        Yes. I’ll bet that’s exactly it.

        He had one good idea, and decided that he was an “inventor” from that point forward.

  • Ognimod

    His “Command Center”, the way it looks, and the way he talks about it makes me think that GameQuest should be an old kids’ game show from 1992 that was on Nickelodeon for three seasons, then cancelled, and is being pushed for a revival now.

    He has inspired me to pull out my old board games and play those instead.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Why are there so many projects for making board games? Are they even still a thing? I don’t think I’ve even seen someone play a board game in decades except maybe a ouija board.

    • apLundell

      Board games are huge right now.

      But, I’m not sure this guy has played a boardgame more modern than Monopoly.