Con Pooling

 Find Your Self a Car Pool "Lane Buddy" as Service Reduce your daily commute by being in HOV lane all you need is Lane Buddy.

Carpool lanes (aka “HOV Lanes”) are a last-ditch effort to encourage people to save fuel. Ok, you won’t use public transit, you won’t buy a smaller car, you won’t move to live near where you work, could you at least carpool?

Nope! Finding a friend who also needs to go into the city would be effort, and we won’t be tricked into spending even the smallest amount of effort making the world a better place!

Here’s how we beat the system, outsmart highway planners, and maximize our fuel consumption and pollution :

Lane Buddy is a service just like renting any service. You will pay someone to join you for your daily or one time commute and allow usage of HOV lane.  The Independent Contractor (Your Lane Buddy) will get paid as a contractor weekly and you will save time (which is money) to reach your destination faster while riding in HOV lane.

The Man wants us to save fuel by carrying a passenger that needs to go to the same place as us! We’ll show them! We’ll spend money to find someone who doesn’t need to go where we’re going! Money, time, and gasoline will be wasted, but at least we hold our head up high and be proud that we haven’t helped the environment or the highway department in any way at all.

Except that won’t work. Nobody drives out of the big city during rush hour. Everybody drives in. So these “Ride Buddies” will either have to take a bus back home, or hang around in the city for eight hours, until the end of the work day.

  • TheNate

    So it’s like Uber, but really, really, stupid?

  • Inukie

    Oh I know, they could get a job for those 8 hours! But then they’d have to switch to being like the friend you were supposed to find for this ploy, who would require flexibility.

    • KickFailure

      Hey, don’t you try to trick me into making the world a better place! That’s not the American Way.

  • JoDa

    I’m not sure whether it exists elsewhere, but here in DC we have the low-tech version of this already, for free. They’re called “slug lines” (I know, incredibly endearing term) and, essentially, people will drive (or get a ride or take local public transit) to commuter lots, and then catch a ride with someone going into town to use the HOV lanes (which are often 3+ around here). I’m sure the reverse happens in the evening going out of the city, but I don’t know where the lines are. It always seemed really dangerous to me, but I guess with the lanes being 3+ it’s not just you and the driver, I know lots of (incredibly normal) people who do it, and I’ve never heard a story about anything going bad, so…

    • KickFailure

      While picking up what are essentially hitchhikers would make me nervous, at least they’re presumably people who actually WANT to go into the city.

      So it’s not a complete subversion of the idea of carpooling like this project was trying to create.

      • JoDa

        LOL…we also have a “complete subversion” of carpooling/HOV in some areas, 100% sponsored by the state: high-occupancy toll lanes. You can drive in them for free if you have 3+ people in the car, or PAY TO USE THEM without the required number of passengers. The tolls are high, but we have enough rich, self-important MF’ers around here to make the idea work (and also exert political influence to get the idea put out there, in the first place).

        People who would be willing to pay $10-15+ to make their commute faster, with zero inconvenience, have friends in high enough places to make that happen without paying that money to some rando who wants to make money riding around in other people’s cars all day. People who live in the deep ‘burbs without good transit because that’s all they can afford are already slugging or carpooling, so I can’t see this idea appealing to them, either (after all, you gotta park the car once you get into town, and that will run you at least a few Benjamins a month)…

  • Ognimod

    I like these “solve awful problems by introducing equally awful solutions” KS’s. They should be cited in engineering courses as examples of what not to do.

  • mersidotes

    People usually don’t shorten their commutes to spend more time at work, they do it to spend more time at home. If you’re still getting to work and leaving at the same time then the principle of “time = money” shows you’re not making more, so what exactly is the benefit of having people ride with you (while burning your gas and adding wear and tear on your vehicle) and then paying them to get to work faster???