Food bath!

I’ve already covered a woman who wants to bath in gumballs, but but what about other, messier, forms of food?

 Mozzarella Stick Bath  by Ghostus Coyote That's right! I will take a bath in mozzarella sticks to fulfill a lifelong dream as well as help pay for college! Sandy, UT Film & Video  That's right! I will take a bath in mozzarella sticks to fulfill a lifelong dream as well as help pay for college!

That's right! An idea so crazy, it just might work! Take a bath in MOZZARELLA STICKS to raise funds for this years fall and next year spring semester at Snow College. The REAL goal is $8,000 to $10,000 but I did not want people to feel like it would take all that much to get this to happen. Anyway, the plan is simple:
I don’t understand how this is supposed to work. It’s like he looked at a charity event, and not understanding why people give to charity, decided that the magic formula was “Do something stupid == free money”. Cargo-cult fund-raising.

You don’t get free money just to be wacky. Maybe if you were a popular performer you could make it work, but then people would be paying you for the performance, not just for the … mozzerella sticks.

 I am keeping it a secret, calling it my "sexy plan"

Wow, ok. Let’s move on to the next one.

 Spaghetti Bath Double Dare  by Guido "Sauce Boss" Pietto Los Angeles, CA Events  I need some help with a sticky situation. My friends double dared me to take a full-sized bath in delicious spaghetti.

I can’t tell how much of an it is an act (probably all of it), but this guy couldn’t be more of an italian-american stereotype.

Anyway, Harry and Travis double dared me to bathe in a tub full of spaghetti. If you knew me better, you'd know I never turn down a double dare, so this is gonna happen! My family heritage is on the line here.
Well, at least this guy’s honest about his motives. Though, personally, I would have held out for the double dog dare.

Go BIG or go home!  Sincerely,  The Sauce Boss
Well, you can’t argue with math.

Risks and challenges  Plumbing. I'm not sure bathtubs can handle this much spaghetti. I don't have a choice, so I will probably have to redo the plumbing in my building.
Wait. What? No!

Why would the spaghetti go in the plumbing?!? Put the stopper in! You can’t wash it down the drain!

  • Ognimod

    Of course! A bathtub’s drain is just like a toilet, right?

    Ha, I just realized the mozarella sticks guy says “the REAL goal is $8000 to $10000 but I didn’t want people to feel like it was gonna take this much”. Imagine that. “This car is really 600 bucks, but we put 2.25 in the price tag so you wouldn’t feel bad about not having the money”.

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