ManBox – A Box for Men.


If you’re a man, and you need a place to put your things, it might occur to you that a large, nicely made wooden box would be the way to go.

But wait! If people see you putting things into a nicely made wooden chest, they might assume that it’s a hope chest, and from that, of course, it follows that you are living in hope of soon marrying a man. (hence the name.)

Oh what shame and disgrace! All because you needed a convenient storage container for your various manly items.

 A selection of beautiful, solid oak wood boxes at amazing prices, designed to be innovative, fun and practical.

Ah, finally! A box made just for men. At long last, I can put my things into a box without any risk to my masculinity and heterosexuality.

…, uh. Unless “ManBox” turns out to be gay slang for something, which seems plausible but I’m not going to Google it.

  • Jamoche

    I think you’re on to something with it being slang for something – their fake dictionary page says it’s “a private domain…” and, well, Seinfeld.

    Also these guys seem not to have heard of footlockers, because that’s what they’ve invented.

    • KickFailure

      I suppose I should mention : The weird thing is that they’re an established company that already makes fancy wooden boxes. This project is for creating a new men-only spin-off company.

      To me, Their new “man boxes” look pretty much the same as the normal unisex boxes they already sell. Maybe I’m just not manly enough to tell the difference.

      • Jamoche

        Yeah, they look like nice quality boxes – and I know woodworking. But anyone who’d cross off half their target audience deserves to be mocked.