Lifestyle Design Journal


The “Lifestyle Design Journal” appears to just be a diary with writing prompts. Boring. But I don’t want to talk about the product.

Also, The project was mysteriously canceled after reaching its funding goal. That’s weird, but I don’t want to talk about that either.

I want to talk about this video.

This is so generic it feels like it’s a perfect parody of all those tech startup promo videos we see on Kickstarter and elsewhere. Like all these videos, it’s a festival of stock-footage that serves as a self-congratulatory ode to how awesome upper-middle-class white men are.

Let’s look at the important elements that are required for any start up company’s video :

☑ Creator/Founder sitting in front of wood panels, gesturing with his hands and asking rhetorical questions

☑️ White dude writing inspirational nonsense on a piece of glass.

☑️ A specific example shaming people who don’t use the product.

☑️ White dudes being “creative”

LDJ_Vid_6 LDJ_Vid_5

☑️ Montage of stock footage illustrating “success”

LDJ_Vid_7 LDJ_Vid_10
LDJ_Vid_9 LDJ_Vid_8

☑️ Only show non-whites doing weird “cultural” things.

LDJ_Vid_4 LDJ_Vid_13

☑️ Look! We designed our product on a computer!

☑️ Tropical Sunset

The only thing they forgot to include was a shot of a couple of bearded dudes in a workshop wearing old-fashioned overalls, indicating that their product is made with old-world craftsmanship.

  • neeneko

    I think the ‘guy with a computer’ takes the place of the ‘guys in a workshop’ thing. Workshops are increasingly cast as dirty ‘blue collar’ place. Now instead you need to show a computer or a hip new ‘makerspace’.

    • KickFailure

      Sure, It would definitely need to be an absurdly old-fashioned workshop.

      That lets you know that it’s really just rich people playing, and not a serious production facility where someone might care about quotas or something.

  • TheNate

    I like big juicy burgers, so I don’t think I’ll enjoy this stupid journal thing unless it comes with mayo, cheese. and bacon.

  • mersidotes

    This is the second time they tried this project. The first one, back in April, was cancelled after just 4 days, the video, title, and description are different but the “About this product” and risks section are the same.

  • mehim

    go the comments of the kickstater page. first one is talking about almost the same things you said but goes a bit deeper.

    i think this was some sort of homework or something, the professors says “i want you to market a journal that is essintally blank to the “hip” crowd … send me the kickstarter videos on monday”

  • Poppycorn144

    I think they may have cancelled it because it sounds exactly like the Bullet Journal. Which was funded on Kickstarter as well.

  • Ognimod

    Plot twist: Somebody gets one of these and writes “Be on the phone a lot”, “Sit at home and watch TV”, “Eat big burgers” and “**** those stuck-up ‘successful’ creeps and their tips for being one of them”.