Scam a Million People

Kickstarter - What would you say to a million people - We're making a book, written by everyone. Your story can inspire others and we would like to share it in this book.

Here’s a classic scam!

Step One : Convince people they’re writers (or poets)

Tell people how creative they are, and how you’re eager to print their work.
Kickstarter - We all have a story to tell. Your story matters to us and we would love to publish it in this book. We aim to create an interesting read that will hopefully inspire at least one person.

Step Two : Print a cheap book

Give each sucker as little page space as possible, to keep printing costs low.

Step Three : Charge a fortune for the book

Everybody who contributed will want a copy! They’ll probably be so proud they’ll buy extra copies for their parents or grandchildren!

  • Amy Procrastinating

    Poor book scam, you made so much more sense in the time before cheapo on-line vanity publishing.

  • Jamoche

    They claim they’ll have free shipping anywhere. Riiight. Shipping is the bane of poorly planned kickstarter projects – at least, the ones that get as far as actually having a physical product.

    • The Randomizer

      If you fall for it then you are screwed.

      • Jamoche

        Oh, yeah, it’s just another sign they don’t really intend to ship anything.

    • apLundell

      It might also indicate that the “book” will be a pamphlet small enough to fit in a first class letter envelope.

  • SeeTrain65

    So, a “Who’s Who Among American High School Students” for the Internet age.