Slap Sim


Let’s talk about game engines. They’re a wonderful thing.

Back in 1993 when Doom came out the impressive thing was that players could walk around a 3d environment and shoot things. Nowadays that comes free. So does physics simulation, lighting, animations, VR Support, and lots of other things.
Yes, with a modern game engine, you can have a simple “game” up and running in under an hour. And with all the ready-made artwork in the “asset store”, you can fill your game with half-way decent environments and characters for under a hundred dollars, and maybe another hour of your time to drag-and-drop everything in place.
This explains why we see so many amazing “indie” games these days. A small team of two or three people can skip all the hard technical parts, and concentrate their efforts on the creative things that are going to make their game interesting, creative, and unique.

… but it’s also the reason we see games like “Monterey Jack : Pimp Simulator”.


First, they got their engine up and running. Then they drag-and-dropped some characters into it. Then they ticked the boxes to turn on the physics simulation, and the VR support. All that took about an hour, and most people would consider it just a first step. A test to make sure all their tools were working properly. but, imagine you were lazy, and didn’t have any good ideas for games anyway. You might start to think “Hey, now I’ve got a ‘game’ where I can knock people over by slapping them. All I need to do is think up a story about slapping people and I’m done!“.

…And that’s exactly what they did. It’s blatantly obvious that they took what should have just been an engine test, bought a little city scenery at the asset store to make it “open world” and decided that they’d “created” a gamed about a pimp who walks around slapping people. Easy.


  • TheNate

    Wow. That was an ugly and boring demo. They bought stock music too.

  • currypan

    Oh, it gets much MUCH worse than this. Steam is littered with these.
    Although they don’t tend to open up a kickstarter to boot.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Kind of makes me sad. If someone actually put in the effort to made a decent game where you just walked around bitch slapping people I’d probably buy it.