Rocketships for the Imaginationless


Generations of children saved up their allowance and lemonade-stand money to take advantage of this amazing offer.

Imagine how disappointed they were when they finally realized it was made of cardboard!


Oh, But how times have changed! Nowadays the cardboard is a selling point!

That’s right, It’s another cardboard box specially manufactured for kids to play in. No longer will kids have to take a refrigerator box and design their own spaceship.

But, don’t put away those crayons just yet! Just like last time, there is a single panel specially designed by adults to be drawn on by children. (Or by an adult moving a child’s hand around, as shown in the video.)

It also comes with “Imagination Triggers” which are “Short stories” to help you “improvise” when you play. Because apparently some people can’t think of a way to make spaceships and astronauts interesting to a four year old!


Currently available are Castle, Space Capsule, Teepee, and Windmill. (Volcano coming soon!)

But don’t worry, they all come with “Imagination Triggers”, in case you have so little faith in your child’s intelligence that you don’t trust him or her to come up with a fun fantasy involving a castle.

  • Amy Procrastinating

    I thought you were being harsh here for a moment, because a reasonably durable cardboard spaceship of a design similar to the one in that old ad sounds pretty neat, sure it wouldn’t last forever, but if it was cheap that wouldn’t matter, it’d last until the kid got too big or bored with it.
    Except that’s not what this is, this is just a play tent made of cardboard, so, a play tent you can’t take outside, or wash, or store and move as easily. I guess at least it’s super cheap right? NOPE! The backer level that actually gets you one of the houses is a fricken grand and a half! I’ve looked around and you can get a good quality (like, on stilts and with a slide attached) wooden playhouse for around half that.

    • KickFailure

      Careful, Kickstarter is an international site.
      That’s a grand-and-a-half in Mexican Pesos.

      Personally, I still think $73 is too pricey for a cardboard box. But my real complaint about this Kickstarter is how little faith it seems to have with childhood imagination. It’s all about adults carefully crafting a perfect fantasy for their children.

      • Amy Procrastinating

        Ah, well that’s not as maddeningly too expensive, just…regular too expensive, and still made redundant by the existence of play tents.

        Actually I think I have a KS idea, make a blank play tent that comes with a load of washable paints/pens so your kid CAN draw all over it.

        • KickFailure

          If this thing was made out of white-boards it’d be awesome.

      • Jamoche

        There was another one – they were just on Shark Tank:
        So, kids design the house online, color it in there, and sometime later when they’ve totally forgotten about it they get a cardboard house. Or you could just give them the massive boxes Amazon uses and a pack of markers.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Every time I see things like this I honestly want to believe it’s a scam. The sad part is that that is me having to much faith in humanity because the truth is generally that the people involved are just that stupid.