One Click Garbage


(Ignore the photograph, he just stole that from Amazon.)

This is a small, low power web server to be installed on your home network. In the bad old days of 1995, installing a home server was a common way to have a “personal home page” (Which is what we were forced to have before Facebook existed), but nowadays, it would be pretty unusual. Even for purely internal things, people tend to just use super-cheap cloud hosting.

The Software

As far as I can tell, there’s a javascript interface to trigger the installers for web apps like WordPress. I guess that might be slightly handy if I ever forget how to install WordPress.

Oddly, it’s called “WebKit 2.0”, which implies that it’s his second released version, but I can’t find any evidence of a first version. (Never mind that “WebKit” is a name that’s already in use by Apple to describe an important piece of their operating system. Good Job on researching!)

But what about connectivity?
webkit_04bee OH NO! BEES!

The Hardware

Looks like he “invented” this brand new piece of hardware by buying a RaspberryPi educational computer and cutting off the HDMI and USB ports.


Brilliant. This man is a true genius among engineers.

Good job on putting that tape over the logo, though. That shows real effort.

The Customer

As this person pledged €1 to point out, there’s absolutely no customers for this.
Who would need a personal server, but not have the confidence to just use a regular one? (Like a Raspberry Pi for example!)

It’s targeted at IT nerds who don’t know anything about IT. I know that sounds like the setup to a joke about the IT guys where you work, but actually it’s just the description of a stupid product nobody needs.

This project was kindly suggested by Andrea L (Who also identified the stolen case photograph.)

  • TheNate

    Check your font tags – everything below this is italicized.

    • KickFailure

      Fixed. Thanks.

      It may take a little while for the cache to catch up.

  • NateS

    The main image on the page clearly show the USB and hdmi ports intact! Why would they be cut off in the picture of the board itself?!? Looks like a fairly nice case. He’d do better selling that on etsy.

  • Jamoche

    I’m sure the 2.0 comes from the “Web 2.0” buzzword.

  • Arcade Guides

    Dude, I just found this website and… holy cow! 30 pages of amazing content! GG KF! I am the owner of a website as well, and I like what I see. Would you mind if I gave you a shoutout on my website? (BTW, it’s made with Weebly, and I want to make it in WordPress. What do you think I should do?)

    • Andrea Luciano Damico

      You’ll either have to get a hosting plan with a domain included, or purchase a domain for a few cents (some providers will sell domains for as low as 90 cents or so) and redirect the domain to your Weebly website.

  • Andrea Luciano Damico

    OMG my suggestion has been published. I’m so proud of myself :’)