Tail Toppers

These people emailed me and tried to get me to feature their project while it was still running. Presumably they were hoping I’d send them some ‘ironic’ backers, but that’s not how I do things. So here’s “Tail Toppers” a year after their project failed.

Tail Toppers journey began about one year ago when I scored a dream job at a major toy company. I noticed that leaving my cat alone for over 12 hours a day had a toll on the overall quality of life for my kitty cat. He wasn't as frisky as he used to be. He was depressed.  I did some research and realized this was a major issue with many pets, and rightly so, I mean we're the only ones who are their whole lives. It's especially worse if your cat is an indoor animal at an apartment. I feel terrible.

Aww… So sad. Poor kitty.

Ok, so … you invented a thing to pinch the nape of their neck?

Oh. Hmm…, that’s not…

Do you even know where your cat’s neck is?

Really? Huh. I would have thought that the risks of leaving a piece of plastic clipped over your cat’s butt-hole while you spend 12 hours at work would have risks that were more scatological in nature.

  • EggRooll

    Basically what these things do, is that they scratch the base of your cat’s tail in order to make them “happy” but,
    that is a bad idea as scratching the base of a cat’s tail sexually stimulates them which makes them “happy” in a very different way.

    I bet these 4 backers are sure gonna be proud of themselves, after they find out they were backing a kickstarter campaign for kitty dildos.

    • apLundell

      So they’d get a small, unsatisfying sexual stimulation every time they moved their hips or tail?
      That seems … frustrating.

  • Ognimod

    I cannot begin to fathom what kind of spectacular leap in logic this guy made to arrive from “cats like the back of their necks pinched a little” to “kitty dildos”.

  • Lora Jessome

    My two cats are neutered and spayed, which would make this item more useless.