Return of Major Tom


Oh, no. This is what I get for slacking off. Major Tom did another project, and I missed it!

Looks like he’s gone back to his roots : Girls in motorcycle helmets pointing spotlights at things.

This time, we get to see what they’re pointing spotlights at : Drones! My goal is to create a video short that is both aesthetically and audibly mesmerizing. The story is set on a distant planet where a band of girls who escaped from nuclear holocaust on Earth battle killer drones left behind by an ancient civilization that once inhabited the planet.

He would have done it, too. The trailer is … uh … amazing. That’s the only word I can think to use. It’s worth a watch.


Yeah, sure. Who needs to see the girls’ faces?

Maybe, think up a way to phrase that so that it doesn’t sound so … low-rent?

Still I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining! I had thought Major Tom had given up on Kickstarter, but I’m glad he hasn’t given up yet. I honestly want to see his film someday.

  • Ognimod

    I feel kind of disappointed that it’s not his “earth americas” stuff.

    Glad to have you back BTW!

  • neriad13

    I also think it’s fantastic that the higher tier reward levels offer “shooting as a cameraman” as part of the reward.

  • Martina Veselá

    I have a feeling that Major Tom has a major fetish for this kinda stuff.