Cat Tunes

Music for cats

You’re kidding me, he doesn’t really mean that?

I am an electronic music maker who has been able to put cats into a trance whilst they listen to my music.  I hope to create an album just for cats.

He does mean it. He’s making music for cats. He claims to have worked out mathmatically exactly what sort of music cats like.

(This project has no video, and no sample music, so I guess we’ll just have to take his word for it.)

Ten bucks for one song? Wow. Cat Music is expensive! Who knew?

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Review : The Magic Circle

If you knew me, you’d know that the two things I love in life are failed Kickstarters and video games. I never thought those two great loves would ever combine.

Well, Actually, Video games and failed Kickstarters overlap quite a bit, but I never thought they’d overlap in a good way.

The Magic Circle

The Magic Circle is a video game about playing an unfinished video game. Yeah, it’s a little meta. The story is that game designer Ishmael Gilder, who insists on being called “Star Father” is over a decade into development into the game that was to be his masterpiece. So he turns to crowdfunding to get the “finishing” funds for the game, and of course runs out of money before he’s finished.

He’s forced to release the unfinished game.

The game itself is a first-person puzzle game. The puzzle mechanic is editing the attributes of the creatures in the world to let you complete the broken, unfinished game. While the puzzle solving is perfectly satisfying, the real joy of the game comes from exploring all the different half-finished aspects of the world, and learning the story. The story of the completely dysfunctional game development team that couldn’t make a game to save itself from bankruptcy.


Throughout the journey you learn that earlier iterations of the game were radically different than the current one, and a large part of the game’s puzzle involves combining elements from the old versions and the new versions in ways that make the world functional. This is one area where the game really shines technically. Through some techno trickery, they’ve made the “older” parts of the game render as though they were in a game from the mid-90s, but still mesh seamlessly with more modern assets that look like they’re from a modern “indie” game.


I heartily recommend this game. I know it doesn’t sound fun to play an unfinished game, but don’t worry, this is a finished, well polished game about playing an unfinished game. The puzzle aspects are not too difficult, and there are multiple solutions to every problem. But what makes this game really shine is the story about the tired dev team that has come to hate their boss, and how that story is told through the broken game.

So get this game today on stream, but first check out their fake Kickstarter page. (Oldest updates start at the bottom, not the top.)


Sexy, Sexy Suitcase

Sexy Suitcase

Sexy suitcase? It … doesn’t look sexy. It just looks old fashioned. Is a naked lady going to jump out of it?

 When you open the Sexy Suitcase, you'll be able to store all of your important documents and bust out some tunes at any given time!
Documents? In a suitcase? I think you’re thinking of a “briefcase”.

I know it sounds like a nitpick, but if you bring an actual suitcase to a business meeting, you will be laughed at. And not in a good way, in a lets-fire-this-person kind of way.

  Imagine working all day in the same boring, dead end job, day in, day out.  Thanks to the Sexy Suitcase, those days are over! Imagine heading off to your next business meeting with all of your important documents and a sweet sound system all in one!   You can take it anywhere and look like a professional raver ;)

None of that makes sense! If, for some reason, you needed to blast tunes at a business meeting, you’d just plug your laptop or iPad into the conference room’s sound system. (The one they use for presentations and video conferences.) If you unfold a suitcase sound system like you’re at some sort of raver tail-gating party you will not have a good meeting.


They’re not offering the suitcases as rewards mind you. They need $2000 to make just one suitcase. And if you pledge the entire $2000 yourself, they’ll mention your name on a YouTube video. Hooray.


Rage Quit!

Anti Dragon / Witch / Zombie stones hand-crafted by Albert Gimbleweed.

Stripped of their backstory and magical properties, these are polished rocks in a rustic, but nicely made, display case.

Charming, but they don’t really need upfront cash to be produced, and they’re from (so far as I can tell) an unknown artist, so it’s not hard to see why this didn’t attract too many takers. The truth is, unknown artists peddling polished rocks as whimsical talismans are not hard to find. Go to any flea market and you’re sure to find a couple.

It probably didn’t help that the lowest reward tier that actually offered a stone was a rather steep £55 (about $85).

So what?

Still, whimsical folk-art is still art, and there’s certainly no shame in trying! So why am I laughing so hard?

Here’s the project as it appears today :

Que? Where's the crowd?

There isn’t much I find funnier than a rage-quit!

When Kickstarter didn’t turn out to be a magical money machine, Craig Palmer decided that Kickstarter must instead be a gigantic scam, and defaced his own project page to get the word out! (Apparently the thought that people might simply not want his rocks was too terrible to contemplate.)


To be honest, I don’t quite follow this. I’m pretty sure that if it was more coherent it would be a scathing indictment of Kickstarter and all that it stands for.

The risks and challenges that I may face could only really be the possibility that Kickstarter doesn't really work. Then it should be called Non-Starter.
Well this is clearer anyway.

Sorry dude. If you thought Kickstarter’s job was to magically make people want your product, or to magically conjure money out of people without first getting them interested, then, yeah, you’re right. It doesn’t do that.

This article kindly suggested by reader Lee Ann Rucker


Sore Losers : Witches

This month Etsy banned witchcraft! In fact, they banned all kinds of flim-flam. You can still sell crystals, but you can’t claim that they’re magical.

The “metaphysical community” is said to be “furious”.

Of course, you’d think that people who can control the mystic powers of the universe would be able to do something about this, right? Well, one of them has.

Online marketplace for Pagans

(Meanwhile, Bill Nye the Science Guy raised $1.2 Million with his Kickstarter campaign. Maybe science is more popular than superstition after-all?)


Sore Losers : Confederates

In 1954 the supreme court ruled that black people must be allowed to attend “white” schools. When this happened, many southern states pulled their long-forgotten rebel battle flags out of museums, and started flying them over government buildings to protest the ruling. (and other similar rulings.)

Sixty years later, public opinion is turning against those flags, and many of them are coming down.

Some people are pretty salty about that. Crazy people.

Hand-Crafted Confederate Flags Made In The USA

Hand-crafted flags, huh?


Wait? Kickstarter backers? This is IndieGoGo! Apparently they used to be on Kickstarter until Kickstarter decided to pull the plug on confederate flag projects. They’re so committed and professional that they completely forgot to proof-read their marketing copy before launching their IndieGoGo project. (They also neglected to film a pitch video, even though anyone who does their research knows that projects rarely succeed without one.)

They’re optimistic though!
We are also proposing a stretch goal of $1,000,000 which would be used to open the Confederate Flag Company flagship store right here in the heart of Dixie - Nashville, Tennessee. There are very high costs associated with opening a storefront, but doing so would allow us to expand our product line to include clothing, lunchboxes, and more.
A million bucks? To open a flag store that only sells Confederate flags?

(Incidentally, despite being in the “heart of Dixie”, Tennessee was the last state to join the Confederacy, and the first state to rejoin the USA! Eastern Tennessee was strongly pro-USA throughout the entire war, despite being on the other side!)

This old man (I assume) who actually calls himself “Black Knight of the Confederacy” (no really!) is going to reach out to “the youth”, by creating a podcast about how awesome the Confederacy and its flag is!
I wonder if we should tell him that podcasts are mostly listened to by non-youth with long commutes.

How’s the opposition doing?

Bail for Bree -  Support Bree Newsome, brave activist in jail for taking down South Carolina's Confederate flag.
Edit:By the time this article published, this project was over a $100k!


Be Prepared.


Stephen Lauzon needs just over 4.9 million dollars (Canadian) to build an underground arcology-style bomb shelter. Capable of completely supporting a minimum of 500 people for three years.

Why? He doesn’t say. We can only assume that he knows something that we don’t.

Notice that the entrance to the hot tub is flanked by statues of angels. This is important.

Huh. I’m not sure Stephen Lauzon understands how trees work. Where are the roots of that tree?

The INDURATUS Project - Stage 2 has been established to move from proven design and engineering of system components, to complete the fabrication of a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, Underground Shelter System designed to effectively mitigate (to military specifications) ALL modern day potential threats; CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear), EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse - Solar Flare) and Seismic (to an engineering equivalency of +10 on the Richter Scale).

OK, I don’t know what terrible thing Stephen Lauzon is planning for, but I’m convinced! I played Fallout. I know that to survive we must move to underground vaults.

How do I get in on this?!?


A cap?!? I pay a thousand dollars so you can build a vault to save yourself from the upcoming horrors of nuclear devastation destined to destroy the surface world with such completeness that our great cities will be razed and the living will envy the dead, and all I get out of it is a fucking cap?!?