Copycats are the worst.


Yes! I’m aware of the potato salad project. STOP EMAILING ME ABOUT IT!

Seriously, long-time readers will know that these kinds of joke projects are nothing new. [1][2][3] They’re not even particularly creative. Just pick any random thing. Ask for money, and pretend that it’s adorable that you’re a grown man asking for lunch money.

I refuse to waste braincells researching how this one has managed to “go viral” and become wildly popular. However, now that it has we can count on an endless cavalcade of copy-cats.

I want to stress that these are not all the copy-cats. They’re not even all the ones I could find. Not even close. I just stopped when I got bored of taking screenshots.

(No clickable links because copycats are terrible.)


ps_copycat_mac_salad ps_copycat_bed

ps_copycat_mashed ps_copycat_pizza

ps_copycat_juice ps_copycat_burger2

ps_copycat_burger ps_copycat_ice_cream

ps_copycat_spring_rolls ps_copycat_rice

ps_copycat_milkshake ps_copycat_mac

I’ll bet Kickstarter is really feeling good about their recent decision to stop pre-screening projects before they go live!


Don’t do this.

This is a strange trend.

More and more often, when I do a post slamming some stupid project, immediately afterwards I get an email like this one.


Really? Who by?

Look, my two goals with this blog are to mock funny or dumb projects and provide cautionary tales about fraudulent projects. When you send me a letter asking to be featured, it makes me feel like I’m not doing my job.

Fine, OK.

I’m not going to link to your project, but if you really want to be mocked by me, I guess I could point out a basic spelling error.

Ha-ha! Everybody knows that possessive pronouns don’t have apostrophes!

There. Done. You’ve been featured on my blog. Don’t say I never did anything for you.


I need a new wallet.

Take a look at my wallet :
My Wallet

See that? My wallet is falling apart!

Worse, it’s like a phone book : Old-fashioned and too damn thick.

I wonder if anyone on Kickstarter has invented a “Minimalist” wallet? Maybe something that would attach to my phone?

(Click image to view project cards.)
wallets_01           wallets_02            wallets_03
wallets_04          wallets_05
(Click image to view project cards.)

…OK then.

Let’s call that “innovation”.


I don’t believe it! Since I posted this article yesterday, four more “minimalist wallets” have been posted to Kickstarter!


We’ve got enough minimalist wallets, already!!!!

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Open Sesame

The great thing about Kickstarter, is that it’s crowd-sourced. The projects that do well are the projects that serve a need and solve a problem!

Well, apparently one of the biggest challenges facing the kickstarter-using public, is that all our beer is in bottles, and before we can drink it we need to somehow open those bottles.

Myself, I’ve been smashing the neck of the bottle against the bar and just drinking from the jagged edge of the broken glass, but others on the Internet have been solving this problem in a much more profitable way.

Even IndieGoGo is thirsty


“The Bible of Seduction”

You may recall a couple of weeks ago there was much todo about a “dating advice book” called “Above the Game“. I won’t rehash it here, but very briefly, there was a very skeazy dating advice book on Kickstarter. There was a huge backlash against it on Twitter and elsewhere. Kickstarter allowed the project, but afterwards hid the names of everyone who purchased it, and then finally added a rule against future dating advice book projects.

So that must be why this project is on IndieGoGo :
 The Bible of Seduction  There is nothing out there like this, its going to be around 600-800 page of pure knowledge of Seduction.
Perhaps wisely, this project, which I think we can safely call a “Copy-cat project”, doesn’t go into much detail about what will be in the 800-page three-book set, but it does give chapter titles, including :

Book-2 Chapter-1: Jerk versus the Nice Guy

Ten bucks says he tells you to be the jerk!

Book-3 Chapter-2. Disrespect

I can’t imagine why this would be a problem!

And my personal favorite :

Book-1 Chapter-1: Educational Knowledge

You know, as opposed to all that knowledge you can’t learn from.

But here’s what really caught my eye :

This is the only reward level in the project.

  1. that “Highest funder gets money back” deal, isn’t that basically gambling? Is that even legal?
  2. 0 out of 1 claimed“?!? Someone clearly doesn’t understand how this is supposed to work.
  3. August 2013? This project doesn’t end until mid-August. There’s no way he’s printing and shipping out books that quickly!

Oh wait. What books?

Maybe this guy isn’t as dumb as I thought.

At no point does he promise to send a book to any contributors.



Another try at zombie coins

Just a quick update. Looks like the Zombie tokens are back!

I first mentioned these in my round-up of Challenge Coin projects about a month ago.

This time, there’s no mention of “Challenge Coin”.  This time they’re “Limited Edition”.

What amuses me most about this is that it’s basically the same project. Only a couple of words have been changed. Why do they think it’s going to work now when it crashed and burned last time?

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A couple more challenge coins

A little while ago I took a look at the copy-cats that sprung up right after Howard Taylor‘s wildly successful “Challenge Coin” project.
Challenge coins had been entirely unheard of on Kickstarter until Mr. Taylor made a fortune on them, then suddenly there were a whole bunch of people who also wanted to make them.

Well, Here we are two weeks later and two more have shown up.

Here at last, to give to your best buddies! A Blue Falcon / Good Idea Fairy Coin!
This guy showed up in my last post about copy-cats! His first attempt to copy Taylor’s idea failed, so he’s trying again! This is a slightly nicer coin than the previous one, but it’s still based on his crumby webcomic.
(Admittedly this project doesn’t mention “Challenge” coins, but he describes challenge coin tradition in the text, so it still counts. If he thought not using the word “Challenge” would stop me from mocking him, he was wrong.)

 Limited Edition challenge coins for Warhammer 40K. Challenge coins are a military tradition so it is time that WH40K gets their own.
As far as I’ve been able to determine, Joe Ward has no connection to Games Workshop, the makers of Warhammer 40k.

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