CellVanish - A cellphone or smartphone case that stops hacking, tracking and monitoring. For Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, & more. Android, Windows

For a mere $60 these people will sell you a phone case that will block all signals from reaching the phone. Including incoming calls and texts.

But why?

Ah! Good old-fashioned paranoia. The project page is full of paranoia inducing half-truths and nonsense about both the Government and sinister hackers being able to trace your phone, listen in on your calls, and activate your camera without your knowledge.

“Now with friends-locating-software like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare, the problem is getting worse.”

Hey, dumb-ass, those things only use your location when you make a post. Putting my phone in an internet-blocking case while I’m not using it doesn’t stop me from tagging my location on Facebook.

Too bad phones don’t have a built-in way for a user to go “off the grid” for their own privacy. Oh wait! They do.
airplane_iOS You know that great thing about airplane mode? It saves battery power. This case will drain your batteries as the phone cranks up the power to its transmitter in a futile attempt to stay connected to the phone network.

These people selling this case are snake-oil salesmen of the worst sort. They scare you into buying a product you don’t need, and convince you that it solves problems you should legitimately be worried about, when it really doesn’t. (Geo-tagging on social media, malicious apps, and tracking software placed on phones by a relative are all serious issues not solved by this case, but their project page implies otherwise.)


Was the old one too dark?

The New Black :  An effort to create a new, worldwide, custom black color.

This fool needs $15,000 to “crowd-source” a new shade of the color black.

. The New Black. is a campaign to make a new, worldwide, custom black color that everyone and anyone can identify with, and play a part in its creation. It’ll embody everything black stands for, but at the same time make it new again.

The gimick here is that Pantone, globally-recognized authority in matching colors, have more than one color in their catalog with “Black” in the name.

Pantone "Black" swatches

So this guy plans on paying Pantone to add one more shade of “black” to their catalog.

I don’t know how he plans on “Crowd-sourcing” the “color-creation-process”, But I imagine it’ll look something like this :

       VOTE!  (Choose only one)
     [ ] Black with a little red in it.
     [ ] Black with a little blue in it.
     [X] Black with a little green in it.
     [ ] Black with a little brown in it.

Who wouldn’t pay to be part of that process?

$225 One authentic The New Black. color swatch. And one .5 L can of The New Black. custom black paint. Signed and numbered.

What a great scam. I wish I’d thought of it.


Hidden Ark : (Not actually hidden.)

The Hidden Ark
This a wooden ark entirely man-made containing the measurements used by noah in the bible and designed to become an animal park.

These people need 1.5 million dollars to build an exact, full-scale, recreation of Noah’s Ark.

They must know something we don’t.

I know it’s not supposed to be a real ship, but it really bugs me that they’ve got a row of windows that are clearly below the waterline. (You can’t see it from this angle, but their design also includes a rudder, which wouldn’t work on this type of boat.)


White House or Bust.

 Have this detailed portrait sculpture of Dr. Ron Paul cast in bronze, and presented to Dr. Paul on your behalf!

Ah, Ron Paul. Depending on who you ask, he either tried and failed to bring Freedom to all Americans, or he tried and failed to exploit the naive to give power to the rich.

But one thing everybody agrees about Ron Paul, is that he’s the happiest-looking presidential candidate ever!

This project needs £5,000 (almost $8,000) to send Ron Paul his own smiling head, cast in brass. (I’m not sure what he would need it for, maybe he could shave by it if his mirror breaks.)

Our larger goal is to see the remainder of this edition of  bronzes placed where they will spark discussion and provide  inspiration.  To that end, all funds over and above the minimum goal will be put toward reaching out to various institutions - schools, universities, libraries, public buildings - and funding the process of bronze casting, shipping and installing these works where they will long be seen and admired by a constant stream of Americans.
Oh sure! What school or library wouldn’t love to have one of these?

They could put it next to their Ross Perot bust, and their Ralph Nader bust.


Natural Artificial Flowers

A flower holder that greets you at every corner. Turn on the light and meet your beautiful decoration.

You’re going to add a “Touch of Nature” to your house with a plastic flower?

Seriously? That’s like something someone would say in a cartoon about environmentalism, like Wall-e or The Planeteers!

Fiore is an artificial flower holder that transforms a light switch into a fun decoration. Beautiful flowers will greet you every time when you enter a room. Wherever there is a light switch, Fiore can bring joy and liveliness into that place.

Oh, That’s absolutely brilliant! Stop me from knocking over the flower by hanging it where I put my hand when it’s too dark to see!