Fantasy Females

You expect me to pay twenty dollars for digital copies of pin-up sketches of fantasy creatures? Have you not even heard of DeviantArt?

This again?

Last time someone tried this stupid idea, they came here to KickFailure to lie about how many millions of dollars they were making with their stupid idea. I’m really hoping that happens again. I love crazy people.

Dark and Grity

The original Treasure Island is already a bit on the dark side, but check out the dialog in this “dark and gritty” reboot.

Black Dog : “You fucked up Billy, and the captain has a strict attitude regarding what happens with people who fucks up”
‘Captain’ Bill : “So just give me the fucking thing then!!!!”

Ah, what authentic 18th century dialog. Clearly, this was written “for adults”!

(Incidentally, the “fucking thing” that Bill is so impatient to be given is The Black Spot. You know, the death mark that terrified him so completely that he keeled over from a heart attack.)


Title Images

I’d like to talk to you for a moment about Kickstarter “Title Images”.

The lead image of a Kickstarter project is probably the most important part of the entire pitch. It has to not only be eye-catching, but to communicate the general idea of your project. If your eye-catching image looks like it’s about quilting, you’re not going to catch the eyes of the right people to fund your new electronics project.

So be sure to put a lot of thought and effort into creating a good title image. (If you’re not going to just plagiarize it outright.)

Here are a few dos and don’ts :

Do put the name of your project on the image.


Do not make your title image in crayon.


Do Show us a screenshot of your game’s amazing graphics.


And, finally, for God’s sake,

Do not use a children’s movie to advertise your porn project.



Busted? – Project Luna

Long-time readers may remember Project Luna.

Unauthorized My Little Pony merchandise

They were selling unlicensed My Little Pony merchandise, but they had nauseatingly smug explanations why it wasn’t really a copyright rip-off. (They pretended that they came up with the character themselves and by total coincidence it happened to be identical to a princess from My Little Pony.)

Today, if you look at that project this is what you see : Moon Plush is the subject of an intellectual property dispute and is currently unavailable.

Ha-Ha! Taken down by Kickstarter!


I haven’t been able to determine yet if this was a result of a cease and desist from Hasbro, or if Kickstarter acted alone on this. As far as I can tell, no other MLP fan projects have been taken down. Was it just this project’s insufferable smugness that attracted the attention of the Powers That Be?

Does it Matter?

I’m also not sure if this matters at all. After all, the fund-raising ended months ago, the money must have already changed hands, and according to the creator’s blog, the black-market plushes have already been manufactured and will be mailed out to customers by the end of the month.
Luna_07 Luna_08

Still, I find this hilarious even if it’s pretty much an entirely hollow gesture.


Joke Projects? Give me a break.


I thought someone at Kickstarter was supposed to be checking projects before they go live and filtering out these joke projects?

Also, I’m pretty sure that Kickstarter has rules against posting copyrighted material.

Are you seriously telling me that someone from Kickstarter looked at these and didn’t notice that all the graphics were from Star Wars? How is that even possible? Are they recruiting their staffers from tribes of Siberian reindeer hunters who’ve spent their entire life in the frozen north without access to so much as a VCR?

(Or is this a very, very sad attempt at viral marketing from Walt Disney, new owners of Star Wars?)