I need a new wallet.

Take a look at my wallet :
My Wallet

See that? My wallet is falling apart!

Worse, it’s like a phone book : Old-fashioned and too damn thick.

I wonder if anyone on Kickstarter has invented a “Minimalist” wallet? Maybe something that would attach to my phone?

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wallets_01           wallets_02            wallets_03
wallets_04          wallets_05
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…OK then.

Let’s call that “innovation”.


I don’t believe it! Since I posted this article yesterday, four more “minimalist wallets” have been posted to Kickstarter!


We’ve got enough minimalist wallets, already!!!!

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Open Sesame

The great thing about Kickstarter, is that it’s crowd-sourced. The projects that do well are the projects that serve a need and solve a problem!

Well, apparently one of the biggest challenges facing the kickstarter-using public, is that all our beer is in bottles, and before we can drink it we need to somehow open those bottles.

Myself, I’ve been smashing the neck of the bottle against the bar and just drinking from the jagged edge of the broken glass, but others on the Internet have been solving this problem in a much more profitable way.

Even IndieGoGo is thirsty

Risks and Challenges

Kickstarter now requires all projects to list all the potential “Risks and Challenges” that a project may face.

I was surprised to learn that many projects are completely without risk!

Casting a 6ft tall statue in bronze

Risks And Challenges -- No risks or challenges to bringing this project to life.

Writing and Publishing a first novel

Risks And Challenges -- The only risk is that I come to a dead-end, (or writer's block), however, I have been taught techniques to conquer this during my course at univeristy, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Creating and publishing a Manga book

Risks And Challenges -- something is drawn wrong or not colored right if words are miss placed anything around those guide lines

Creating an artificial lake and an island shaped like the letter “K”

Risks And Challenges --

Making a Feature-length film

Risks And Challenges -- Since the entirety of our film will be shot indoors, there are no risks associated with changing weather or seasonal restrictions. Furthermore with no dangerous stunts there are few production risks associated with the shooting of this film.

Staging and producing an original play

Risks And Challenges -- There really are no risks! The show has already been approved by the Theatre [CAC] and a cast has already been set into place. As long as the goal is met, the show WILL go on!

Creating a full-scale steel recreation of the Trojan Horse

Risks And Challenges -- No risks or challenges to bringing this project to life.

Roundup : Minecraft Rip-offs begging for money.

Yesterday I mocked Haxel for being rip-off of the break-out hit game “Minecraft”.

Turns out there are a lot of lazy would-be game designers trying to jump on the “Cubes are easy to program” bandwagon. (And asking for your money to do it!)

I’ll bet these are the same fools who complain that mainstream commercial games are “Too unoriginal“.

2012 Apocalypse Survival Guide Failures

By the time this post goes live, civilization will presumably have ended.

Feeling lost? Not sure how to cope? You should have backed this project :
$2012 needed to take our 2012 Survival Guide to print! -- A Failure By Master-marketing-pr.com (By the way, notice that this project is by an outfit called “Master-Marketing-pr.com”, but they still only got 13 backers!)

The rest of the “survival guides” on Kickstarter were for a very specific (and entirely fictional) type of disaster :

TACTICAL SURVIVAL GUIDE: For a Zombie Apocalypse

Too “Serious”. Can I get something for the common man?

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse - The how-to guide for the common man.

And the ladies?

A Girls Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

How to weaponize your bra!         And   What to do about that pesky period thing?

And, of course :
A Douchebag's Guide to Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse


Roundup : Horrifying Children’s Books

My Daddy Told Me

Gah! What is that supposed to be? Is that daddy?

The Pineapple Princess

Half princess, half pineapple, all abomination against nature!


Ahhhh! His head is horrifying enough, but what is wrong with his knees?!?

There’s a Crocodile in the Stew

The crocodile doesn’t scare me, but what’s all that other stuff in the stew?

Ishnabobber Books

A giant ghost is crushing that girl with a giant bible!

Like a Fish on a Bike

It’s against the natural order, it is.

Bubby and the Goodie-Jar