Night of the Living Plagiarists


Ok. New Movie. “Night of the Walking Dead”. To be honest, it sounds like he just took two separate titles (Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead and Kirkman’s “The Walking Dead“) and jammed them together. Would that be plagiarism? Probably not. Lot’s of people rip off names, doesn’t mean anything.


An odd thing to notice about this campaign is that he capped the pledges at 500 at the $60 level, and 1000 at the $20 level, which is an interesting choice for a project with a $200,000 goal.

Now, there’s no video, but that image looks cool! To bad it’s actually an old desktop wallpaper that’s been floating around the Internet since at least 2011. Well, still … maybe he’s the guy who painted it back in 2011, or whenever. I guess we can’t prove he’s a plagiarist.

  I plan to have the next best indie zombie flim  looking to flim it this summer  got a great location to make the flim,asking 50,000 to get the cameras and equipment to film it  another 80,000 for the permits and to shoot on location   then the rest for props and staff

Huh. Between the basic math errors, and the plagiarism I’m starting to suspect that this guy isn’t really a professional filmmaker. Maybe we should check out his web-page.


Hey, wow. His website starts with a YouTube clip of really profesionally photographed and well written scene from a zombie movie! I’m impressed!

…Or at least, I would be impressed, if I hadn’t seen “Shaun of the Dead“, the movie that scene is really from.


Here’s a fun game. Where are these three “Movie posters” from? The first one is from that wallpaper I mentioned above. Can anyone identify where the other two come from?

Recomended by reader and zombie expert Ross Wolfe


This man needs an Escort

Losing one’s virginity to an Escort By: Claude Gayle London

This man is raising money to hire an ‘escort’ to lose his virginity.

His all-or-nothing funding goal is £25,000 (about $38,000).

£25,000?!? Wow. Being a hooker in the UK must be a pretty sweet gig.

"From my perspective, sexual politics is overwhelmingly in favour of women.  In my humble opinion and in all great men's too, no women can say they have never dated or had sex regardless of how much they can claim to have been hurt in their lives.  I stand, a victim of women.  What is life without intimate love, oh dear? I will forever now have unequal relationships with women if I do have any.  No relationship will last."
Ok, I’m starting to get an idea of the problem here, but let’s press on.

The project comes with eight illustrations, and it’s a weird collection.
Commander Spock

  • There’s a couple of inspirational posters
  • an advertisement to raise handicap awareness
  • An meme-style “BEST GIRLFRIEND EVER” photograph of a naked girl playing MarioKart
  • A publicity photo of Star Trek’s Commander Spock
  • A photograph of a woman with something being poured on her face. (I think it’s honey, but it could be some other yellow fluid.)

…And the Video

This video is very confused. I get that he’s trying to be Charlie Chaplin. … but that’s about all I understand.
If he’s trying to make it look like an old-time silent, why is there both color and singing? If he’s not trying to make it look old-timey why is the color so horrible?

Honest to Internet, when I first saw the preview, the messed up colors made me think this was a white guy in black-face makeup!

But wait! There’s MORE!

Don’t miss his OTHER campaign to raise £1.5 Million (about $2¼ Million) to start a new religion based on the prophesies of everyone’s favorite 16th century nut-bag.
A new religion based on nostradamus By: Claude Gayle London
Don’t worry, he’s set up a webpage to explain it all.

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Mason Jar Upgrades

So, I guess it’s become stylish to drink out of a mason jar like you’re some kind of backwoods moonshiner.

Ok, fine. Why not. They’re solid, they’re glass, they’re cheap. There’s worse things you could be drinking from. The problem is, nobody actually wants to be mistaken for some Appalachian hillbilly or a hippie with a science experiment.

What’s the solution? Accessorize your mason jar!

That’s right. Add a handle, add a lid, (Of course they already have lids, throw those away.) maybe even add some insulation and a plastic shell so you can drop it!

Of course, like a bamboo iPad case, this is entirely a fashion statement, but they always have to come up with an excuse why it’s more than that. Some say it’s “sustainable” somehow, others say that plastics are full of mysterious “toxins”, some specifically mention BPA even though they took that out of mugs ages ago.



Pseudoscience of Satan!

The Science of Satan is an analysis of recently published and misunderstood research related to ancient mind control technology.

The Science of Satan will be a detailed account of the author's process of discovery of mind control technology,
Mind Control, huh? You’re telling me that mumbling guy at the bus stop was right?

The project is a work of non-fiction,
Thousands of victims exist world wide, psychologically abused daily in order to keep a secret from the general public that puts you and your family in great danger.
This sounds serious! But how are me and my family in danger?

There are no publicly available countermeasures for quantum charge attacks on electronics or humans,
Holy shit! You’re right! I don’t have any defense against quantum charge attacks!

Please! Help me! How can I avoid having my brain zapped with a quantum charge device?

Pledge $10,000 or more 0 backers Limited (10 of 10 left)  A prototype of the proposed countermeasure to mind control. This will most likely involve a neutron generator, and as such will not be exported. One page "executive producer" statement printed in "The Science of Satan."
A neutron emitter? I don’t think my lease allows me to run a nuclear reactor in my apartment. They won’t even let me have a cat.

RISKS AND CHALLENGES : The only real risk is being unable to find scientists to add to commentary on the technology,
Really? That’s the biggest risk? You’re not worried that the Powers That Be will use their quantum entangled nanotech to induce a quantum charge that modifies your neural processes and suppresses your action potential, thereby preventing you from publishing your book?

That seems like the sort of thing They would do.


Paracord 2L, Plastic thingy.

Paracord 2L : A simple little tool to store and work paracord. Holds 100' of 550, with everything you need to measure, cut, and heat seal the ends.
This man spent years trying to figure out the best way to store paracord in his backpack.

Looks like he finally just built one of those H-Shaped plastic things you get kite-string on.

You can put it next to your manly tools like your half-open pocket knife, your off-brand mag-light and your watch.

You can even put it next to your gun, which also has a watch.