This man designed … a rectangle. A rectangle that you put in your wallet and carry around with you.

So I put a lot of hours into designing a solid piece that could easily be transported but still multiply the surface area of the kickstand several times over.
Oh yea, It can take a lot of time and skill to design a card the same size and shape as a credit card.

Tracing a credit card isn’t easy. Sometimes you’re not holding it tight enough and it slips while you’re tracing it, and then your whole blueprint is ruined.

However, it looks like our friend David A. Lawicki II realized that maybe his design, as impressive as it was, didn’t have quite everything it needed.

As we’ve learned, the way to ensure Kickstarter success is to add a bottle opener to your product.


Oh, for crying out loud. That is not a bottle opener. That is just a triangle.

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Project Disaster : i+Case

This project was for a stylish new bumper case for the iPhone 4. The i+Case consists of a solid aluminum band that covers the edges of your iPhone 4, both making it look cool, and protecting it from those devastating side-impact drops.

So what’s the problem? Why has this cool and popular product wound up on this site? Well, unfortunately the team behind i+Case, forgot about one of the iPhone4’s unusual design features.

The more famous of Apple’s founding Steves explains the iPhone 4’s unique antenna.

If you’ve ever been to a science museum you’ve probably seen the demonstration where they lock a pretty girl in a cage and fire lightning bolts at her. I don’t know what this proves, but wrapping an antenna in a piece of aluminum has basically the same effect.

That’s right, this stylish aluminum case blocks radio signals!

Only a few days after shipping, in mid December, users started reporting problems :

Shortly after, the creators of the i+Case posted an update explaining all the hard work they had done to try to make the case function properly. Ultimately, though, they were forced to admit that none of their hard work had actually fixed the problem.

By January, the European customers started to complain that they hadn’t received theirs yet, while American customers were asking how to return theirs!

The i+Case team made an announcement :

And that’s that. As far as I can tell they’re not offering any option for refunds for their dissatisfied customers, and let me tell you, they have a lot of dissatisfied customers.

A small sample of the comments about the i+Case

On the bright side, this Kickstarter project did successfully kick-start a business! So if you want one of these marvelous cases. (For example, as a paperweight, or an oversized key-fob.) You can buy one from their online store!

Check out the lovely disclamer they want you to agree to before you even view their website!