What? No. “Vortex Energy” is not a real thing. That’s Stargate SG-1 again. What’s with inventors thinking Stargate is real?

Wow. OK.

You can tell he’s a real scientist because he talks like one. “Microwave oven of radiation” is exactly the sort of highly technical language we expect from the world’s most advanced minds.

Let’s take a look at that picture.


You know what the strangest part of this crompletly real, and not at all retouched photo is? He’s got this amazing anti-grav device, and he’s just using it to tool around in a dreary parking lot in the dark! What a lack of imagination!

Come on, man! You’re supposed to selling this to us! You’re supposed to be getting us all fired up for the exciting things we can do with anti-grav technology!

No wonder nobody is backing this completely real and definitely-not-a-scam project! Your example photograph sucks!

I’ve taken the liberty of suggesting some improvements.



There we go. Much better.

(If anyone else wants to suggest an alternative promotional anti-grav photo, here’s the transparent blank for making your own. If you make one, be sure to put it in the comments section.)

Never-charge batteries and Anti-Gravity

Tired of having to recharge your batteries? [especially the ones you have to remove from the device] CAN'T BATTERIES CHARGE THEMSELVES?

Monday we looked at a project to power an SUV on nothing but air. Today, let’s look at a smaller, more handy form of free energy.

Even while your device is on and active the Never-EverCharge Battery keeps charging! most devices make noises or vibrations using speakers and motors. these vibrations are traveling within the entire device as well as to your ears. they are also absorbed by the piezo film which will help keep your battery charged!
Imagine you were standing next to a burning building that the fire department was spraying a dozen fire-hoses at. Some of the splash-back might get your clothes a little wet, right? If you went over to the pump truck and rung out the water from your left sock, you’d have about as much chance of refilling the tanker truck as this invention has of recharging a battery.

Never plug in your cell phone again! as long as your talking, fumbling, dropping your phone [which everyone does] it will help charge your phone. even the engine vibrations and noise from your car will charge it! just set it on the dash or near the speaker.
There’s no way.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t collect that kind of energy. Obviously, self winding watches are proof that you can. (Along with those rubbish Eternity Flashlights.) But the energy the thing would generate isn’t even in the same league as what a battery needs.

Even the would-be backers were skeptical :
Have you ... done the math on this? i've done more than the math. i have designed the circuit. just need funds to make the prototypes.

I don’t think he has done the math. And his design for the circuit seems suspiciously similar to this energy harvesting kit from Piezo Systems,inc. (Which wouldn’t even come close to charging a phone battery.)

Don’t like that invention? He’s got another.

 goal is to build a device that converts gyroscopic forces into linear motion. this design is based on 25+ years of research.
That’s right. Running at the same time as his other project is this one! Antigravity!

I won’t go into this one, but, suffice it to say, you can’t convert gyroscopic forces into linear motion. It’s impossible.

If these two inventions both worked, he could combine his two inventions and put a man on The Moon for about the cost of a new SUV.