The Greatest!


Scott Reimann has created “hands down the greatest marijuana live wallpaper on the Android market“. Truely, a remarkable achievement. Many have tried, but only Scott Reimann has achieved true artistic immortality by creating “the greatest” marijuana live wallpaper ever made.

Let’s see some screenshots!


I think it’s an animation of a pipe lighting itself, and then smoking? It’s a little hard to make out, but that’s probably because of the greatness! A lot of great artists are difficult to get a quick read on. You ever see a Picasso?

Let’s see what kind of reviews this app gets!

You can tell this is the “Greatest” wallpaper because it’s so popular among people who were paid to review it.


Oh, come on, Chris! The man is paying you to leave a good review and the best you can manage is three stars?

I guess some people just don’t recognize greatness.


Fab Flab App Under Wraps

 I want to create a health and fitness app that's going to revolutionise the way we think about food and exercise.

A dieting app? As if there weren’t any of those!

Ok so there's plenty of apps out there that can count calories, give you diet suggestions and workout programs. My app will incorporate all these functions with 1 key difference that targets the way we choose food. There isn't an app out there on the market that contains my key concept so I can't give away much more than that. All I can say is anyone that's trying to loose weight, trying to sculpt a better body or simply trying to maintain their current physique, this app is for you!

He wants $50,000aud (about $38k American) and he won’t even tell us what the app does!

He’s asking for money and telling us he can’t tell us what it’s for!

Whatever you do for a living, next time you talk to a customer, try this strategy! See if it works!

(If they don’t look like they’re going for it. Show them some photographs of a pale and hairless male torso.)


What *IS* this?

What's This --  Ever had a spider in your house and wanted to know if it was poisionis or what kind it was? Introducing the photo reconition app,

So it’s like Google Goggles? For spiders?

This started out with me and a friend playing with a medal detector. We kept digging objects out of the ground that we could not identify. So we thought wouldn't it be great to have a phone app that could tell us what these unidentified objects were. So here I am trying to make that happen. Have the drive and ambition to get this done but am lacking  funds . This app will be able to take a picture and then identify the object in that picture with name and other information

So it’s like Google Goggles for everything, and about a thousand times better than anything Google has been able to manage.

That seems … pretty impossible.

Risks and challenges  Only thing I have run into thus far is the copy write for the name What's This . But I am currently working on a solution for the problem
That’s it? That’s the only risk you can think of for this impossible, Even-Google-Can’t-Do-It project? Really?

Aww why am I picking on this kid?

Sometimes I feel mean about picking on projects that are so clearly written by some twelve year old who doesn’t understand how the world works yet.

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