World’s Dumbest Keychain

Stiktag offers a unique Keyring identification & recovery solution available to all Smart Phone & PC users around the world.

A new keychain? Why do I need a new keychain?

Did you know that over 2 million people report lost keys every year? Some statistics claim this number is actually more than triple that amount.  While 96% of these keys are found by the community, only 10% or less are recovered by their rightful owners.

Ok, so people are losing keys, and even when somebody finds the keys they don’t know who to return them to.

Got it.

So what’s the solution?

… Wha?

So … the simple, cheap solution to let people know who your keys belong to is to attach your keys to a tag with an NFC chip in it that is also printed with a QR code, so that when Joe Public finds your lost keys he can scan it with his smartphone (after he downloads the right app) and then be redirected to a webpage that these people have set up on your behalf. Then the webpage will let Joe Public know your phone number so that he can call you and arrange to give your keys back to you!

Simple! (Not actually simple.)

Another Possible Solution

Obviously, this is a great idea, but I did a little brainstorming, and I think I may have come up with a comparable solution.

Oh, I’m sorry. Am I thinking like an old man again?

Let me Internet that up for you.


There we go! Perfect.