Kickstarter Loves Balls

Haha, it’s a pun, right? I said “Balls” to make you think of testicles, but actually I’m going to show you articles about baseballs, or footballs or something, right?

No. Wrong. This is about testicles.

So let’s give those balls a kick!



This project is still underway. It’s a pair of balls to hang from the underside of your desk. … so you can fondle your balls while you work.

I bet it’ll succeed. Kickstarter loves balls. Just look at this project from 2015!


Bike balls! Why should trucks get all the ‘fun’? This project was successfull, and they’re now selling them as a product. You can order these from their web site.

They even made it on the news in Norway.
balls_03 “Confused” isn’t the word I would use.

balls_04 I’ve wondered this. If truck-nuts are supposed to make a truck look like a dog, why don’t we see female trucks with truck-vulvas? Or, I don’t know, why not just a nice, innocent truck-tail?

Why’s it always about the balls?


Operation Manchild

 Operation Adult Big Wheels  Help Vinny Get A Legit Adult Big Wheels!!!

*Sigh* I’ve got to stop looking at IndieGoGo. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Did anyone at IndieGoGo even look at this project before it went live?

'm a child trapped in an adults body. I want a big wheels like i used to have when i was a kid. It's now possible  ...with your help!!! Spread the word!!

Actually, recumbent tricycles for grown-ups are a real thing. Supposedly they’re healthier for your back than a regular bike, and safer than a recumbent bicycle.

But somehow I doubt that’s what our troll-faced friend is looking for.

AdultBigWheels_03 AdultBigWheels_04

He must think it’s so adorable that he still acts like a little kid.

Life tip : It isn’t.