36 Dollars Magazine.

36 Dollars Magazine
A beautiful magazine made entirely from found paper, hand stitched, bound and cut.

Found art.

Found art in a tiny, easy-to-carry package.

Before found art is found, it’s trash.

Basically, This is a pocket-sized magazine made of trash.

I bought one!

Despite the name, these things went for a mere $6, including shipping. So why not? I can afford six bucks.

To be honest, I’d forgotten I ordered this, it’s been sitting on my desk in a brown wrapper with strange writing on it for months. I finally remembered what it was, and opened it up to take a look.

And you know what? I actually kind-of like it.

Here it is.

2013-06-24 21.22.57
Here it is. It’s a 4¼x3¼ inch little booklet. It really is made of random bits of scrap paper.

2013-06-24 21.25.02
(Sorry I’m holding it weird. I had to work my phone with my other hand.)
2013-06-24 21.39.19

You know what? I think this is delightful.

I love the randomness of this. I feel like I’m some kind of future-archeologist trying to understand a civilization through its trash.

I would honestly buy one of these every month if they were available.


So, if this project succeded, and I liked it, why am I calling it a KickFailure?

Well, for one thing, it’s funny to resell trash.

But more importantly … he doesn’t seem to have actually sent everybody their magazine!


Not only did he not send out all the magazines, but he’s disappeared!
He’s taken all these people’s money and doesn’t even have the guts to tell them what went wrong!

At least he warned us.



There is an update to this article!


Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Bitcoin Logo For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is an experimental new form of money. The money is stored in digital files, and clever p2p cryptography stops anyone from cheating.

As an experiment it’s really cool. It’s also attracted a number of libertarian extremists who see it as a way to finally get out from under the oppression of the Federal Reserve, investors and day-traders who want to make money off the libertarians, and drug-dealers who want to launder money by pretending to be investors and day-traders.

The circle of life.

coin_funder Why do I bring this up? Because if you’re tired of crowdfunding with boring old dollars, or dull old pounds, try something new!

Coin Funder! Bitcoin Crowdfunding. How exciting! Now, we can participate in a new form of commerce with a new form of money!

So what’s the #1 project on Coin Funder?

 Help fund version 2.0 of CoinFunder.com - a Bitcoin Crowdfunding service. - See more at: https://www.coinfunder.com/browse#sthash.r7mjC3Nw.dpuf

Oh, the number one project on CoinFunder.com is … a new version of CoinFunder.com? And it’s failing?

Ok, that’s pretty sad.