Stay Classy Tiny Periscope


He’s a little mirror that clips onto your smart phone’s camera. Like a tiny periscope.

As someone who has fond memories of my father’s antique reflex cameras and is also a little shy about taking pictures, I think this is a great idea. It’s a great way to get more casual candid shots of your friends and family, and it’ll allow you to hold your camera phone at a more natural angle, so you don’t look like a phone zombie.

I know what you’re thinking…

Sure, we can all think of less-than-honorable uses for this little gizmo, but these people are trying to run a business. I’m sure they’re going to appeal to people’s better nature and promote this as nothing more untoward than a tool for creating art.

Sample photographs

Uhm, sure. Look. Young love. That can be artistic.

I’m sure that lady isn’t just going to gossip about that photo on Facebook. She’s probably going to display it proudly at her next gallery appearance.

Well… Hmmm…. Ok, I can only assume that this gentleman was taking some architectural photographs of that lovely cafe when the waitress accidentally walked in-shot. What a shame. I’m sure she ruined a wonderful photograph.