“The Bible of Seduction”

You may recall a couple of weeks ago there was much todo about a “dating advice book” called “Above the Game“. I won’t rehash it here, but very briefly, there was a very skeazy dating advice book on Kickstarter. There was a huge backlash against it on Twitter and elsewhere. Kickstarter allowed the project, but afterwards hid the names of everyone who purchased it, and then finally added a rule against future dating advice book projects.

So that must be why this project is on IndieGoGo :
 The Bible of Seduction  There is nothing out there like this, its going to be around 600-800 page of pure knowledge of Seduction.
Perhaps wisely, this project, which I think we can safely call a “Copy-cat project”, doesn’t go into much detail about what will be in the 800-page three-book set, but it does give chapter titles, including :

Book-2 Chapter-1: Jerk versus the Nice Guy

Ten bucks says he tells you to be the jerk!

Book-3 Chapter-2. Disrespect

I can’t imagine why this would be a problem!

And my personal favorite :

Book-1 Chapter-1: Educational Knowledge

You know, as opposed to all that knowledge you can’t learn from.

But here’s what really caught my eye :

This is the only reward level in the project.

  1. that “Highest funder gets money back” deal, isn’t that basically gambling? Is that even legal?
  2. 0 out of 1 claimed“?!? Someone clearly doesn’t understand how this is supposed to work.
  3. August 2013? This project doesn’t end until mid-August. There’s no way he’s printing and shipping out books that quickly!

Oh wait. What books?

Maybe this guy isn’t as dumb as I thought.

At no point does he promise to send a book to any contributors.



36 Dollars Magazine.

36 Dollars Magazine
A beautiful magazine made entirely from found paper, hand stitched, bound and cut.

Found art.

Found art in a tiny, easy-to-carry package.

Before found art is found, it’s trash.

Basically, This is a pocket-sized magazine made of trash.

I bought one!

Despite the name, these things went for a mere $6, including shipping. So why not? I can afford six bucks.

To be honest, I’d forgotten I ordered this, it’s been sitting on my desk in a brown wrapper with strange writing on it for months. I finally remembered what it was, and opened it up to take a look.

And you know what? I actually kind-of like it.

Here it is.

2013-06-24 21.22.57
Here it is. It’s a 4¼x3¼ inch little booklet. It really is made of random bits of scrap paper.

2013-06-24 21.25.02
(Sorry I’m holding it weird. I had to work my phone with my other hand.)
2013-06-24 21.39.19

You know what? I think this is delightful.

I love the randomness of this. I feel like I’m some kind of future-archeologist trying to understand a civilization through its trash.

I would honestly buy one of these every month if they were available.


So, if this project succeded, and I liked it, why am I calling it a KickFailure?

Well, for one thing, it’s funny to resell trash.

But more importantly … he doesn’t seem to have actually sent everybody their magazine!


Not only did he not send out all the magazines, but he’s disappeared!
He’s taken all these people’s money and doesn’t even have the guts to tell them what went wrong!

At least he warned us.



There is an update to this article!


The Plagiarized Photobooks of Prof. Amy Laptad

Amy Laptad Presents : Curiosity Captured gives a deep and unedited look into the uniqueness that surrounds us, compiled within a limited edition photo book.

A college professor named Amy Laptad really wants to publish a book of her photographs, this is the second time she’s run this exact kickstarter after the first one tanked with zero pledges.

Amy Laptad : I find the most peculiar, outlandish and curious places, and then capture them for everyone to enjoy.
Sounds good, let’s take a look!

Wow. A weather-worn teddy bear left at the grave of a child. That’s a very memorable image.

In fact, I do remember it!


Amy Laptad didn’t take that photo at all! She totally stole that from some random lady on Flickr!

Ok, so she stole one photograph, but what about that stunning image of a Ferris wheel completely overtaken by kudzu?

The cover photo is the most important image in a Kickstarter campaign! It’s what shows up in searches and links! It’s what entices kickstarters to learn about your project!

Surely that image must belong to Amy! It would be super dishonest to steal your lead image.
Stolen again! This time from Kyle Telechan (aka “City Eyes”).

There are two other example photos in the project, and as far as I can tell they’re both original. However, they both suck. The exposure is wrong on both of them; one is too dark and the other is too bright! (And one of them is just an ordinary parking lot anyway!)

Amy Laptad : This First Edition Photo-book will include photos of curious sightings I have found along my travels.  The goal is to create a diverse set of photos that grab the viewers attention and most of all, curiosity.
I guess when she says “my travels” she means “my browsing of Flickr”

But we aren’t finished yet!

Amy Laptad -   Join me as I capture scenes within a cruise ship that are often times missed, ignored or unknown.
Last month she tried to kickstart this.
Another book of “her” photographs.

The cover image of the infamous Carnival Triumph is blatantly scanned from a book. I’m pretty sure it’s a tourists’ pamphlet for Halifax.

Up next is this lovely shot of the Disney Dream stolen from Christian Lambert Photography

And finally a photo of three more cruise ships ripped from the blog of Aaron Saunders.

Not one photo in this project page is hers!

How much you want to bet she didn’t ask for permission either?

Click here for an Update to this Article


Jars of Air (Really!)

Iowa Air in a Jar - Collecting Iowa Air in jars and shipping it around the world. Reaching all 99 counties and documenting the journey.

This man wants to sell you a jar of air.

99 jars of air one from each of Iowa’s counties. I know he’s got some kind of artistic statement he’s supposedly making, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is trying to sell jars of air!

A hundred and fifty dollars!! Don’t worry though, he gives you a discount if you supply your own jar :

He was also going to make an “Ultimate” jar of air by opening the jar in each county. Personally, I don’t think he’s thought that through. Doesn’t it just become the jar for whatever county he visits last? It’s not like these jars didn’t all have air in them before he opened them. How is opening it in 99 different places any different than opening it once at the last place?

Maybe it’s a mistake to try applying rational thought to this project.


Haven’t we seen this before?

Mel Brooks is a prophet.


Zombie Bible

Zombie Bible -  As a parody of biblical events it will be full of satire, innuendo and outrageousness This is a book of fiction about a book of fiction

Look, just because “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” was a best-seller, doesn’t mean that everyone should go around adding zombies to old books!

In fact, I think nobody should do that since it’s probably the least creative or intelligent way to write a book I can possibly imagine.

I am so tired of the “believers” shoving their beliefs on me that I decided to rewrite the bible using science, common sense, absurdism, and intellectual stupidity... just as this book deserves. At least it will be a fun read... thanks.
Wonderful, I love being preached at!

I’m an athiest, and this is already starting to offend me.

Ugh, the unbearable smugness!

A lot of these don’t even seem like a big deal. Besides a few fundamentalists, would any Christians be shocked at the suggestion that the first plague of Egypt was a red algae bloom instead of literal blood? Who cares? The point is that their water supply became smelly and undrinkable, not that you could bag it and use it for transfusions!

And it goes on like this for pages…

But you know what he barely mentions at all? That’s right : Zombies.

It’s almost like the zombie on the cover was just a trick to get us to buy his preachy book!

Now I am offended!

Edit (5/2/13) : Ha ha! Commenter David Bird points out that this guy needs to brush up on his editing skills.
Anything less than a serious injury or death will not delay this project. I write on a daily bases. This project is already under way and the outline is done.
(It’s also possible that he’s tunneled under a street (or “way”) and writes the book on bases stolen from a local ball park. I’m not ruling anything out.)


Two theories of One

These two went up within a week of each-other.

Basically, a “Unified Theory” is a single theory that would link all forms of physics. Apparently, this is very difficult to do. Albert Einstein spent many years attempting it. So has Stephan Hawking and many other great minds. So far : nothing.

But that didn’t stop these guys!

Joe’s Theory

I contend that the Universe only deals in absolutes. 1 real Universe can only be eternally occurring here and now while travelling through one real infinite dimension, once.
There is no way that real light could ever travel from anywhere at approximately 186,000 mps. Light must be the only stationary substance in the Universe.


I wonder how that even works. If light is staying still and we’re moving, how does light works in both directions? I guess I’d need to pledge $25 to find out.

1 is the absolute of number. Eternal is the absolute of duration. Here and now are absolutes of location and time. Infinite is the absolute of distance. Once is the absolute of history.

One (Andrew’s Theory)

“Hi, Kickstarters! My name is Andrew Macauley and I am The Scholar of the Brightest Star.”

Hi Jackass, I’m The Blogger of Perpetual Contempt!
Interphysics is essentially the science of examining the fundamental qualities of existence that are capable of being observed solely through the use of logic, rather than physical experimentation
That’s already got a name. It’s called “Philosophy”. Seriously, that’s pretty much the textbook definition of philosophy. Not that he’d know. I’m not convinced Mr Macauley has ever opened a textbook.

our definition of time is inadequate for describing how time actually unfolds, because our definition requires that the past come before the present, when in actuality, the present must come first for
And he went on like this for pages and pages. Or … I guess he will go on like this, since the past comes after the present?

If we are going to show that all things are one and that there is only one moment, we must first begin by understanding what is wrong with our current definition of time.
Hey! This is the same nonsense Joe was trying to sell us!

Here’s a final thought from The Scholar of the Brightest Star :

So how are they doing?


There’s a certain cosmic beauty in the fact that both of these projects (at the time I wrote this) have exactly one backer.

But here’s what confuses me :

Why are there two of these projects running at the same time?

Besides the obvious irony of two Theories of One, it seems like too much of a coincidence for both of these to have popped up within a week of each-other.

If anyone has any theories or explanations please leave them in the comments, because I’d love to hear them.