This school year, the hot new thing, was Spinners. I’m not going to explain what spinners are, because if you’re living under that big of a rock, I can’t help you. I’m also not going to scoff at them. I’ve never understood why so many people have such a frothing hatred for the current schoolyard fad. I guess it just makes them feel old. So old!

However, now that the fad is fading, they’re going to have to fall back on the two sure-fire paths to success on Kickstarter

“Minimalist” Wallet



Bottle Opener





Or Potatoes?

I’ll be honest. I dunno what’s going on with this one.





This man designed … a rectangle. A rectangle that you put in your wallet and carry around with you.

So I put a lot of hours into designing a solid piece that could easily be transported but still multiply the surface area of the kickstand several times over.
Oh yea, It can take a lot of time and skill to design a card the same size and shape as a credit card.

Tracing a credit card isn’t easy. Sometimes you’re not holding it tight enough and it slips while you’re tracing it, and then your whole blueprint is ruined.

However, it looks like our friend David A. Lawicki II realized that maybe his design, as impressive as it was, didn’t have quite everything it needed.

As we’ve learned, the way to ensure Kickstarter success is to add a bottle opener to your product.


Oh, for crying out loud. That is not a bottle opener. That is just a triangle.

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