Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Bitcoin Logo For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is an experimental new form of money. The money is stored in digital files, and clever p2p cryptography stops anyone from cheating.

As an experiment it’s really cool. It’s also attracted a number of libertarian extremists who see it as a way to finally get out from under the oppression of the Federal Reserve, investors and day-traders who want to make money off the libertarians, and drug-dealers who want to launder money by pretending to be investors and day-traders.

The circle of life.

coin_funder Why do I bring this up? Because if you’re tired of crowdfunding with boring old dollars, or dull old pounds, try something new!

Coin Funder! Bitcoin Crowdfunding. How exciting! Now, we can participate in a new form of commerce with a new form of money!

So what’s the #1 project on Coin Funder?

 Help fund version 2.0 of - a Bitcoin Crowdfunding service. - See more at:

Oh, the number one project on is … a new version of And it’s failing?

Ok, that’s pretty sad.