Light a Candle

Light A Candle -- How do you want to be remembered? Tell the story of a loss spouse, parent, child, classmate, close friend or pet that honors their life

Memorial shrines with electronic candles.

I can tell you right now, if anybody memorializes me like this, I promise I’ll come back to haunt you.

Seriously, I’ll be dragging spectral chains in your attic every night for years, until finally, on a full-moon anniversary of my death, when my ghost energy is the strongest, I will hypnotize you into electrocuting yourself with this stupid candle.

Ugh. You have got to be kidding me!

But wait, there’s more!

Hidden behind the photo-frame is a serial number. If the Kickstarter reaches its stretch-goal of $40,000 this serial number will give you access to a web version of the memorial!

So classy it’s even got an animated gif!

Thanks to @alexcerne for the tip.


CANdleholder “A creative way to add light to your life.”

If I may get philosophical for a moment, I’ve always thought of cans as not specifically candle-holders, but just “Holders”. You know, in general. I mean : They’re cans, so you can put stuff in them.

Ooo! Sounds classy already! Let’s see how they turned out.

Hmm… Well, I guess they have sort of a … “industrial” aesthetic going on?

How’d they do?

Oh. Ouch.