Roto Phone Mount

 ROTO / New, intriguing, centre of steering wheel, vertical always, Universal, Solution to handling phone in car! Direct line of sight.

Thanks to Twitter user @DavidCattermole, for pointing out this allegedly “Intriguing” project.

The Roto phone holder was an idea that i have been working on for just over a year. its a platform you can put any small to medium sized appliance of information for the vehicle. I pulled apart and incorporated other phone holders and made it to stay vertical to form the Roto, as the residual patent only last's a year i need to do something with it, so i have created a business named IDEINS which means "To See"
“Appliance of information”? You mean a smart phone, right?
The “intriging” idea here is that because it’s mounted on the one part of your car that is constantly rotating, they’ve installed a swivel joint to keep it more-or-less vertical.

But why? Why would you want your phone vertical while you’re driving? Navigation apps work better horizontal. “Auto Mode” interfaces are almost universally horizontal. Even the mp3 player works fine horizontal. I have to assume this is for texting while driving.

Vertical Video Or maybe not. Maybe the designer just has a fetish for vertical phones. He actually filmed the project video in vertical format!
(Don’t do this. Even when you’re viewing them on a phone vertical videos are claustrophobic, like peaking through a keyhole, and on Kickstarter’s website they’re downright ugly and extremely unprofessional.)

Risks and challenges  The only thing i have come upon is the situation of the air-bag. i believe i have addressed this, with a clause on the packaging that states "Not suitable for airbags".

Basically, the only risk in this project is that it’ll drive your phone into your face at hundreds miles per hour, shattering your skull, and forcing your nose up into your brain.

Don’t worry, though. He’s got it covered. He’s going to put a warning label on the package.


Solving the Trickiest Problem of USA’s Police force


A couple of days ago, a man driving a state police car pulled up right behind mine and turned on its flashing lights and briefly toggled its siren. I pulled over to the curb to see who the man was, and what he wanted. Turns out he was a state police officer wanting to ticket me for (allegedly) going 70mph in a 65mph zone.

But how could I have known it was a copper? What if it was some psychopath who had somehow acquired a perfect replica of both a police uniform, and a highway patrol car?


If only every police car in the country was required to have windshield that lit up with the word “POLICE”!

Then I’d be able to tell … well, actually, I’m not sure what it would tell me. I mean, I can already recognize police cars. They’re already covered with equipment that civilians aren’t supposed to have.

Just imagine having the ability to see and confirm at the safety and security of your own vehicle that you’re being pulled over by a vialed police officer.  The Red and Blue warning light is a thing of the pass, our specialized windshield is a verification method giving citizens a reliable method of knowing that they are being pulled over by an actual police officer while maintaining a safe distance.


Air powered Car!

 F2 Power Technologies LLC vehicle engine is powered by free air  Campaign is seeking $100,000 to equip a large SUV with the first proof-of-concept F2 Powertrain System. New vehicles can be powered by free air instead of gas.

This project has a goal to equip a large SUV with the F2 Powertrain System. The system will generate electricity using free air, and will provide unlimited range for the gas-converted SUV without the need to recharge externally. This represents a giant leap forward in transportation technology.

Finally! I’m tired of refueling my car with water. I want a car I never have to refuel!

…But isn’t that completely impossible for about a dozen different reasons?

I have been engineering advanced wind turbine designs for a number of years. With just a 15 mph wind, a utility scale wind turbine generates massive amounts of electricity. Such a turbine provides electricity to about 400 homes. The problem with wind turbines is the wind does not always blow. It occurred to me, eventually, that when a vehicle travels down the road, it creates a wind upon itself- always.

The old ‘windmill on a car’ idea.

I once designed a very similar device. I drew the schematic in crayon.

Remember when you were very young, you thought it was impossible to run out of money because every time you bought something you got money back in change? This invention works on the same theory.

As should be completely obvious to anyone who’s graduated grade school, all “Wind energy” of a moving car is ultimately generated by the car’s engine. Any fool can understand that reclaiming a small portion of the engine’s output could never fully power the engine.

Worse than that, attaching all this wind-harvesting equipment will actually increase weight and air-resistance, making the engine work harder, burning even more energy!

I liked my crayon schematic better.

This delusional innovator thinks that those funnels up front will “Multiply the energy” somehow. They won’t. Sure, the air in the skinny part of the funnel will be going faster, but there’s less of it. You don’t get something for nothing.

The real mystery here is why this guy thinks that funnels are some magical energy source that everybody else has overlooked! If funnels are so great, why don’t all cars have giant funnels on them? Why don’t wind-farms have giant house-sized funnels in front of them? Why is Tom Olsen the first person on the entire planet to realize the magic of funnels?

I have what the big boys apparently don't have.  A simple mind.

Fair enough.


Fusion Powered Car

Fusion Powered Car - Fusion is the ultimate green energy source. Cold fusion may be real or not, but now is the time to take a lab curiosity out and road test it.

This nutter wants to make a “Cold Fusion” powered car.

I will be a year constructing and modifying a Model A to run on fusion power.
Wait! What? A Model-A?


Yup! He’s serious! He’s going to convert a 1928 Ford to electric. Then he’s going to build a nuclear powered charger that’s fueled by heavy water. Finally! A water powered car!

 I hope to “trickle charge” some batteries enough to run the car after very long charging times. I am hoping for about 5 Watts of net electrical energy. I am close.
Fun fact : 5 watts is exactly how much power an iPhone charger produces.

this is part 2 since "they" terminateded it early.

Oh oh! “They” are onto you! You’re doomed! “They” always suppress the water powered cars!


Glue some dice on your car!

Geek Chic d20 Tire Pressure Caps

Geek Chic “Pressure Caps”. (I assume they mean “Stem caps”). Let’s take a look.


Ok, Basically, this is $2 worth of stem caps crazy-glued to $2 worth of twenty-sided dice.

To make this yourself it would literally cost you $4, and a few drops of glue.

Pedge $20 or more for a set of Pressure caps. (Stem caps)

Twenty Dollars!

Does anyone seriously expect these things to last for more than a week of real road conditions? Professionally made novelty dice stem caps are made by drilling into the dice, and building the covers into the dice!

Just gluing a dice on there is like something a 9 year old would do on his bicycle!

Update :

Looks like they smartened up and started offering ones made the not-stupid way.
New Recessed Dice Style