Shiny Clown Mirrors

"Scary Clown(Not!)Fairground Musical Toy"!.

Here’s a scary clown toy! For some reason it’s in the “Tabletop Games” category. Whatever.

  Innovative, "PATENTED " boys/girls Fun creative fairground toy. Bring's you to all the fun of the fair without the scary clown!

Great! I love the fair! How does it bring the fair home to me?

The video explains it all!

Behold! A uniquely genuine toy designed to beguile, intrigue, and teach children from ages one to six.

Uniquely genuine?

A multi-fun, five-part, learning toy!

Oh boy! Five parts!

Three creative fun fairground distorted mirror. Each giving the child the delight of three new funny reflections.”

Fourth fun, exciting part is the base of the toy! A clown face! Hands! Feet!

Then the wonderful dancing music “Circus Circus” playing all the while the on/off switch is on!

(I’ve never heard of a song called “Circus Circus”. The video features the traditional circus tune “Entrance of the Gladiators“, so that’s probably what they mean.)

So, it’s a fun-house mirror for your regular house

What a wonderful illustration they’ve created of their fun-house mirror! They must be the only people in the world that can’t make a computer rendering shiny!

Anyway, what if, for some reason, I wanted a fun-house mirror that constantly plays circus music? Where could I get one?

  Hello I have invented and designed "Fun Fair Ground Clown" Toy  .I completed all the legal patent design myself rather than pay anything from £2,000/£5,000!I learned it all and was difficult but I believed in this design. I had lost my Promotional business and my home and I am determined to succeed for my son and our rescue "Greyhound" Holly "And two rescue cats "Moses and Eva" .I have also written and published the books  offered as A .reward.I desire to build a "DEMO" and bring it to "Manurfacturers"Above Is Promo Video for PATENTED TOY

Wait a moment! The books offered as a reward?!?

Pledge $3 or more
That’s right! She’s not manufacturing or selling the toy. She needs £25,000 to make one demo unit to try to sell the patent to the toy companies.

(As an aside, why would the toy companies buy this incredibly bland design from her? Couldn’t they design their own funny mirrors if they wanted to?)

All we get for helping her is a copy of one of two books she’s written. She hasn’t even told us the first thing about these books, not even the titles, but if you look at the samples of her writing we’ve seen here from the project page, I think we can guess what kind treat these books would be.