Jars of Air (Really!)

Iowa Air in a Jar - Collecting Iowa Air in jars and shipping it around the world. Reaching all 99 counties and documenting the journey.

This man wants to sell you a jar of air.

99 jars of air one from each of Iowa’s counties. I know he’s got some kind of artistic statement he’s supposedly making, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is trying to sell jars of air!

A hundred and fifty dollars!! Don’t worry though, he gives you a discount if you supply your own jar :

He was also going to make an “Ultimate” jar of air by opening the jar in each county. Personally, I don’t think he’s thought that through. Doesn’t it just become the jar for whatever county he visits last? It’s not like these jars didn’t all have air in them before he opened them. How is opening it in 99 different places any different than opening it once at the last place?

Maybe it’s a mistake to try applying rational thought to this project.


Haven’t we seen this before?

Mel Brooks is a prophet.


Is Kickstarter trolling me?

I'm making a photography book of my kittens sleeping. Help me!
I must be dreaming.
 After a long day of work, what is more rewarding than coming home to adorable cats who are fast asleep and snuggly? I'd like to pull together a book of photos and share them with you!

This woman wants $300 to take a bunch of photographs of her cats! Photographs of her cats!

Is she so out of her mind that she honestly thinks that we will pay money for pictures of her cats? Maybe she thinks we don’t know where to find cat photos? Could she possibly be so mind-boggling out of touch with reality that she thinks amateur cat photos are a rare and valuable item? Could she possibly be so vapid that when she looks at her cats she thinks “My cats are cute! That’s so original!”

Is she harboring a secret hope that these photos will become so popular that she’ll forever be known as “The Artist Who Takes Photos of Cats”?


It’s made all the more mystifying by the one and only example photo included in the project page. It’s not a good photo, and it’s not particularly cute by cat standards. When she was posting this project did she believe that this photo was so spectacular that it would speak for itself and we’d just start throwing money at her?

No, I have to assume that this project is a cover for some mafia money-laundering scheme. At the last moment it’ll be funded with a million dollars of stolen drug money, and then she’ll withdraw the money into a numbered account in a Swiss bank.

That’s the only explanation that doesn’t make my head hurt.


Dog poop book!

This man needs $5,000 to create a coffee table book about dogs pooping.

I’m not sure what else needs to be said about that.

Oh, so you’re not taking the photos yourself, you’re just going to “collect” them.

Ok, where are you collecting them from?

(I think he means the book.)

Of course! That’s why it’s “Crowdsourced”. I get it! You want us to take the photos that you are going to sell.

Ok, I guess I could donate a picture to your business venture. How do I do that?

You know what? I just remembered, I don’t have a dog.