Was the old one too dark?

The New Black :  An effort to create a new, worldwide, custom black color.

This fool needs $15,000 to “crowd-source” a new shade of the color black.

. The New Black. is a campaign to make a new, worldwide, custom black color that everyone and anyone can identify with, and play a part in its creation. It’ll embody everything black stands for, but at the same time make it new again.

The gimick here is that Pantone, globally-recognized authority in matching colors, have more than one color in their catalog with “Black” in the name.

Pantone "Black" swatches

So this guy plans on paying Pantone to add one more shade of “black” to their catalog.

I don’t know how he plans on “Crowd-sourcing” the “color-creation-process”, But I imagine it’ll look something like this :

       VOTE!  (Choose only one)
     [ ] Black with a little red in it.
     [ ] Black with a little blue in it.
     [X] Black with a little green in it.
     [ ] Black with a little brown in it.

Who wouldn’t pay to be part of that process?

$225 One authentic The New Black. color swatch. And one .5 L can of The New Black. custom black paint. Signed and numbered.

What a great scam. I wish I’d thought of it.