The Truth about Google?

My revolutionary 1st book will change the world,

Finally! For once in our lives, we can learn the truth! And not just one or two truths, the truth about everything! All in a single PDF we could have gotten for $15!

These secrets have been held closely by certain circles of well managed, compartmentalized groups since the last great cataclysm and this information will be guarded and protected just as powerfully.

… Yes, of course. The last great cataclysm. … We learned all about that in history class. All those … cataclysms.

Well, not all the cataclysms, just, you know, the great ones.

Thank god for all those groups that are compartmentalized in to separate … groups.

That’s all definitely a thing we all know about and that you didn’t just make up.

I am anticipating some controversy to arise from a few of the concepts I am presenting in this book, but I am more than confident that the information will become self evident in the end.
Really? There’s no shortage of crazy people telling us “The truth”, why would you possibly think that one more would cause any controversy? Or even be noticed by anybody at all?

But he’s also giving to charity!

Contrary to Kickstarter guidelines, he’s promised to donate any money over and above the $3000 goal to UNICEF. (You can’t use Kickstarter for charity drives. Because that’s not how a legit charity drive would be done.) Here’s what he had to say about that.
I am also asking that UNICEF and Kickstarter help promote this fundraiser and hope that the guys at Kickstarter will actually match me in my funds for donation! It is worth trying and both this book and this disaster relief can make a huge impact on changing the world for the better!b
That is not how Kickstarter works.

Search Links? Or Something?

At the bottom of his Kickstarter page were these three icons. They link to search engine (DuckDuckGo, Google, and Bing) searches for the text of his own project. (example link)

What the heck does he think he’s accomplishing? Does he think this is how social media buttons work? Does he think it’s an SEO tactic? Does he think having those buttons there will somehow bring more people to his page?

Either he misunderstands how Google works, or I do. If you have any idea what these buttons are supposed to do, let me know in the comments, because I’m honestly puzzled.


Pseudoscience of Satan!

The Science of Satan is an analysis of recently published and misunderstood research related to ancient mind control technology.

The Science of Satan will be a detailed account of the author's process of discovery of mind control technology,
Mind Control, huh? You’re telling me that mumbling guy at the bus stop was right?

The project is a work of non-fiction,
Thousands of victims exist world wide, psychologically abused daily in order to keep a secret from the general public that puts you and your family in great danger.
This sounds serious! But how are me and my family in danger?

There are no publicly available countermeasures for quantum charge attacks on electronics or humans,
Holy shit! You’re right! I don’t have any defense against quantum charge attacks!

Please! Help me! How can I avoid having my brain zapped with a quantum charge device?

Pledge $10,000 or more 0 backers Limited (10 of 10 left)  A prototype of the proposed countermeasure to mind control. This will most likely involve a neutron generator, and as such will not be exported. One page "executive producer" statement printed in "The Science of Satan."
A neutron emitter? I don’t think my lease allows me to run a nuclear reactor in my apartment. They won’t even let me have a cat.

RISKS AND CHALLENGES : The only real risk is being unable to find scientists to add to commentary on the technology,
Really? That’s the biggest risk? You’re not worried that the Powers That Be will use their quantum entangled nanotech to induce a quantum charge that modifies your neural processes and suppresses your action potential, thereby preventing you from publishing your book?

That seems like the sort of thing They would do.